December 19, 2011

Paint Chip. [Afternoon Wine]

I recently discovered Design Seeds and fell in love with all the color combinations found in everyday scenes that can be utilized to transform a room into a contemporary piece of art.
I always knew that color played a large part in my everyday life, whether it was choosing an outfit or planning a new line of bags or a stylized fashion shoot.

I began noticing color combinations that were around me that worked so well together
but were completely serendipity. 
Things that were placed together simply as a mishap provided inspiring colors that I never before considered during the long hours I fretted about what colors to choose 
to paint a room or to use for my website.

I felt like my creativity fell short when choosing colors because everything I came up with I felt was too ordinary, too overused in the public eye.
I have this saying I like to tell myself in these moments to push myself further when I feel like I can't come up with anything original, "being an artist is not always about designing something first, it is taking the first item and doing it in a way that is different."

This is my first what I am going to call "paint chip" for the time being.
I will be adding a new image every Monday!

December 14, 2011

a girl named katie. [ wish list ]

These items are currently my favorite, therefore you should probably put them on your Christmas list.
Only a few of each are still in stock! No pressure.