December 31, 2013

Resolution Ramblings + Christmas Ball Dress.

Here it is! 
My first outfit post!
I made this outfit for the Christmas Ball the Hubs and I were attending with our Young Adult Fellowship Group. I used Simplicity Pattern 2444, which is a Project Runway pattern.
I only used the skirt portion of the pattern because I liked the front pleating...and because my original idea required four yards of material and I only purchased two. 
I ordered the abstract floral material from Fashion Fabrics Club. I was super excited when I found this "velvet" print online. 
I was less excited when I received it and found out that it was really more of a brushed cotton than a velvet. 
Not as luxurious as I originally hoped, but it was still a great weight for what I wanted to do with it. 

The black ponte knit is from Fabric Mart. Black ponte knit is like my sewing room staple. 
I always need to have some! 
It is great for so many things! 
I used the top portion of Vogue Pattern 8615 to make the basic top to go with the skirt. 
I wanted this look to have a ballerina-feel. 
I added some additional length to the skirt to make it slightly tea-length without being too long for my height. I also added a waist band to finish the top of the skirt.
I was so happy with the finished product! I love how full the skirt is.
Unfortunately the wind blew the skirt to my legs in these images...but you can see the fullness better in my Christmas post.

Did you make a holiday outfit?

So today is New Year's Eve and I personally love New Year's.
Not because I really go to any parties or have some grand tradition...
Basically I just love the idea of it and the excitement it brings with the chance for a fresh start. 
Granted, you have a chance to change your life at any given moment during the year...
It just seems so much more exciting when the year changes too. 

2013 has been very challenging for me, so I am almost relieved that it is soon over.
I am definitely ready to make some changes for 2014.

My resolution for 2014 is to be happier with myself.
To take a leap of faith and trust God.
To become less stressed and worried.
To spend more time in studying and sharing the Word.
And to go after my purpose with everything I have.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve!
See ya next year!

December 25, 2013

Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Merry Christmas! 
Love, Josh + Katie

Thank you, everyone, for entering my Christmas Giveaway!
Here are the three winners!
(Winners will receive their prizes by email)

Chelsea Saylor
Greer Zellers
Raechel Ferguson

Enjoy your $50 shop credit and have a Happy Holiday!

December 24, 2013

Wedding Day: Reception

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Today I am sharing our pretty decor and delicious dessert bar from our wedding reception!
My lovely friends, Justin and Laurie helped me get the reception set up. They did a phenomenal job!
Justin and I made this faux fireplace out of cardboard boxes. We borrowed the chairs from our friend, Char.
For seating we made hay bale sofas and used pallets as coffee tables.
Both borrowed from our uncle's farm. We dressed up the bales with inexpensive fabric and thrifted table clothes. Burlap-wrapped mason jars with mixed flowers and candles were placed on top of the pallets. 
We had a dessert reception, since our wedding was held in the evening at 7 pm.
Our aunts and friends made all of the delicious treats!

My boss at work made our airplane cookie favors as a wedding gift.
Super cute and tasty!
Another one of our friends made us an awesome cheesecake as our wedding cake!
It was a relaxing evening and all that we could have hoped for!
Pictures of my handmade reception dress coming soon!
Love, Katie

December 19, 2013

Christmas Giveaway!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Which sounds like the perfect time to offer a special giveaway!

New bags recently made their way into the shop. If you have yet to check them out, make sure you do!
They are made out of great materials! Don't you just love love wool and velvet!?

Also, now through Saturday, when you purchase a bag for a gift, even if that gift is for you, you will be upgraded to Priority Mail for no additional cost so you can get that beaute by Christmas!
And you know that bow bag would love adorable with your cream Christmas dinner sweater dress.

[Giveaway Ended.]

Winners will be announced on Christmas!
Good Luck!

December 17, 2013

At Home: DIY Photo Canvas Gallery Wall

Good Day!
Are you enjoying the snow?!
I, myself, am not particularly a snow person. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely beautiful, but I could really do without having to drive in scary conditions. 
Luckily we were snowed in and didn't have to go anywhere during this past snow storm. 
So I convinced the hubster to help me finally hang our gallery wall.
We hung photo canvases on the long wall in our living room, being careful of the plaster walls, we made good use of Command hooks. And of course, I made them myself to save money!

Wrapped photo canvases are expensive!
I like to order my prints from a professional printer called Nations Photo Lab because they do a fantastic job at a great price. However, when I priced out the cost for my canvas project it would have cost me $597 + s&h. Way more than I wanted to spend on said project. 

Using InDesign I laid out my dream wall with help from the column tool.
Once I laid out my design, I began putting pictures in the shape to decide what size print I would need.
I ordered my prints from Nations Photo Lab where they offer linen prints. I love the linen look and thought it would give the perfect illusion to a photo printed on canvas without the price tag.
The prints cost me $70.05 + s&h for sizes ranging from 12x12 to 20x20.
 The prints look fantastic and I could not be happier with the linen paper!
I used rubber cement to adhere the prints onto the canvas. Rubber Cement is acid free and photo safe.
I purchased the canvases from Michael's when they were on sale for $25.71. 
The canvases don't need to be fancy, just the cheapest you can find!
Hubs helped me measure the perfect placement on the wall, making sure everything was straight and an equal two inches apart. Our gallery is 64" long by 38" tall. 
 I chose an aqua color to paint the edges of the canvas to add a fun pop of color.
The total cost for the project was $99.05.
Yep! Under $100! We save almost $500!
Are you ready to freshen up your space with a gallery wall too?!
Enjoy! :)