April 30, 2011

Cross Stitch.

Sometimes I like to just browse etsy for inspiration. 
I love finding quirky things that I could easily make myself. 
Such as this Squirrel cross stitch! Quirky and adorable.
What more could you ask for?!
I applaud of the heart on the buttcheek.
Some shops have DIY patterns you can purchase and cross stitch them yourself!
I love the cute little animals this shop has to offer, for a very reasonable price too! 
But this DIY shop is probably my favorite.
So many good options! It makes me so excited!
I am definitely going to try making some of these! 

April 29, 2011

Thief & Bandit.

I just came across this shop and I loveee these creative little bracelets by Thief & Bandit.

 ^ Favorite ! ^

They even sell headbands!

I love the fun prints and crazy aesthetic. 
This is going on my wishlist.
And! The prices are reasonable for the bracelets considering they are handmade and hand printed. 
Shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thiefandbandit?ref=pr_shop_more

April 27, 2011


Why? Because it's awesome. 
And delicious. 
and nutritious. 
Little Eggs! 
That turn into Dinosaurs! 
Om nom nom! 
Best Oatmeal Ever. 
The end. 

April 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning.

 So, this is my computer bag. 
Is it from a girl named katie
Yes, it is. 
 It can carry a TON of stuff. 
Theoretically, of course. 
I always bring several things with me to work on in case I ever have free time when I'm out and about
that I could fill productively with something I need to do anyway. 
That is how most of my scheduling, designing, and planning get done. 
But after a while, I forget what the poop I'm even carrying anymore 
and my bag feels like it's weighing a ton. Theoretically.
It was time to clean it out today. 
 bobbi pins
a ruler
a pack of gum
2 pairs of scissors
pencils and pens, oh and a sharpie
JoAnn coupons
pepper spray
and a lanyard
PCAD Continuing Ed. Catalog
Photographer's Survival Guide Book
Note pad
and a Clipboard
I proceeded to give my bag a work out, and boy did it lose weight!
Most of the other stuff filling my bag and weighing me down were from past projects and adventures.
I only put back in my bag
my agenda
note pad
pens and pencils
pepper spray
and earbuds.

April 25, 2011

A cabin, a lumberjack, and maybe some Easter.

 For Easter I went with the Klines to the cabin. 
We easily fit 22 people into that house and ate, played games, and watched movies to our hearts' desires. 
Clearly I was having such a good time spending a weekend with Josh I barely took any pictures of it. 
Sadly. But I'm trying to get better at taking more pictures!
Unfortunately I couldn't stay all weekend because I had to come home to work with the A-Team. 
But his grandma made us spaghetti to take along home for dinner. 
She's toot. =]
We also managed to entertain ourselves with a lumberjack photo shoot. 
Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend! 

April 19, 2011

these are things.

In particular, things that I want.
And have been taking extra shifts so I can buy...
That's some determination.  
I've seen pictures from this camera on other blogs and I just love the polaroid film and how wide the pictures are! I'd probably use the pictures for creating little scrap books I can bind myself. 
 I thoroughly enjoy the whimsical images the holga creates. Plus I would like to experiment with film.
I would definitely consider buying it in white and painting some bold chevron stripes on it! 
But they also sell it in pink, so it's a hard choice...But the chevron stripes are very convincing. 
I just think these glasses would be fun to wear, on pretty much every occasion.  
I found love in screen printing after a class in high school. 
I am really in need of my own screen printing set up! 
There are so many things I could print to justify my want!
I just think these would be fun to have in my little binded scrapbooks I want to make!
Small notes would be great to reflect back on.
So yes, more work = more play.
Play = fun things...like these.

April 18, 2011

The day I went to school with Char.

Last week I modeled for Char Photography in a kinda preppy school themed shoot. 
It was a lot of fun despite feeling weird that I wasn't behind the camera for this day.
I only have a few things to show you so far, but I asked Char to get some behind the scene shots 
that I could show you later!  
This was our initial inspiration, a shoot by Michelle Moore for Zooey Magazine. 
We liked the way they made preppy casual and even included some fun artistic outfits in the shoot. 
After reviewing the inspiration I applied it to my own closet and pulled out pieces that were me, 
but also fit the aesthetic we were looking for on the shoot. 
I just felt the need to incorporate this bird skirt I made!
I took a few snapshots (yes, snapshots, clearly these pictures show no skill)
of outfits to send to Char the night before
 so we knew what we needed to bring to the shoot. 
I ended up packing what felt like half my closet.
I had at least 7 pairs of shoes with me. 
4 books. 
3 scarves.
2 belts. 
1 suitcase of clothing. 
By the end of my packing I had two FULL suitcases of options which got narrowed down when we got to the set and Char brought plenty of options as well that get intermingled with some of my outfits. 
Luckily, we could fit everything into one suitcase to carry around the campus. 
I can't wait to see the images Char captured from the shoot and to show you more!

April 17, 2011

What's inside my bag?!

I decided it would be fun to show you how much stuff can fit in my make up bag.
This is a bag from a girl named katie.
It is the Green Dot Dorothy and adorably fun and cute
 even when it's completely filled with fantastic things.
It's pretty much worth the $12 just for the bags visual appeal, 
but the amount it can hold makes it just that much better! 
Inside my bag is:
Pressed Powder.
4 assorted sized brushes. 
an eye glass case. 
lip gloss. 
eye shadow. 
2 mascaras. 
nail polish. 
eye lash curler. 
contact lens case. 

That is 16 items (count them!) of various shaped and sized items that can fit in my cute little bag!
No, the bag is not larger than what it appears. 
It's only 6" x 8" 
but can hold all my daily make up and more!

So...you should probably deeply consider getting one of these bags. 
Take it to the gym, on a trip, a mid-day make up touch up bag, etc. 
You don't even really need to use it for make up. 
You could use it for all sorts of things, like to hold your pencils or it's even a great bag to keep items you need to go from day to evening. 
Use your imagination. 

or shop here if you are already convinced: www.agirlnamedkatie.com

April 15, 2011

Red Velvet.

I can't remember how I found out about Red Velvet. 
It was some how through a long process of blog creeping though. 
But as soon as I found the blog A Beautiful Mess I knew I have found a source of inspiration that would easily keep me entertained for months! 
I love the modern vintage style of Red Velvet. 
What is modern vintage? well, I might have just created that term, but I'm coining it as:
Vintage inspired pieces that were made today. 
Do they look like vintage? yes. Are they from years ago? no. 
Boom. Modern Vintage. 

But anyway...here you can read a bit about them: 
I absolutely love this jumper. Like. Loveee it. 
I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the chevron stripes, which I could easily accept as the pattern for everything I own and it would be totally awesome. 
I would like chevron curtains, pillows, shoes, quilts, sheets, dresses, 
skirts, shirts, tights, suspenders, scarves, etc. 
But I could especially use a chevron Holga! Ayo!
Oh, and they also make jewelry. 
I adore the inspiration Red Velvet has given me and am so excited to try some new things based on the new term and concept: Modern Vintage. 

But what I am really in love with right now are the Red Velvet E-Courses. 
I think they would be sooo much fun and a good way to learn and try new things. 
I'm particularly looking at the Dream Job E-Course. 
But the Modern Patchwork and Photo Journals look particularly adorable and awesome too! 

I was surprised to read that such a polished brand is still so new! 
The dress collection just was released and half their stock is already sold out!
A bit jealous am I? well, yes.  
A little more motivated, am I? absolutely! 

April 13, 2011

a girl named katie.

If you haven't shopped the new online store yet, here are some reasons why you probably should. 
You can scroll through the lookbook as soon as you open the site so you can see how the bags can be worn and how they will actually look!
It is easy to shop, it's only one click to your paypal cart. 
Each style bag includes a description of what it can carry so you'll be sure to get the size you need for what you want to carry. 
There are several different sizes, from small to large.
There are also three different styles, make up, tote, and computer. 
You can find a bag for just about everything.
Plus, the current bags are extra cute with girly ruffles and fun prints!  
All the bags are handmade (from cotton, so they can easily be washed!)
And special orders are accepted, so you could create your own bags by working with the designer!
Special ordering allows you to choose your own fabrics and customize a bag that's perfect for you!
All special orders are quoted at the time of request 
but will still be as reasonably priced as the bags that are ready-made. 

You'll have a bag that a million other girls won't because there is only one bag made of each style. 
(But, if you liked a bag and it is out of stock you can special order a similar bag)
And if you are local to Lebanon, PA you can save on shipping! 
It's pretty much a win, so you should check it out soon and suggest it to everyone! 
What are you waiting for?! 

April 9, 2011

Inspiration: Antropologie.

Anthropologie has a way of making the most ordinary objects charming. 
They seem to have endless ways of making paper and other random inexpensive treasures
into something magical. 
And I enjoy every season of it. 
You will never think of paper and cardboard the same 
after visiting one of their stores. 
Lesson: Do not under estimate the paper of simple things.
sources: unknown.

April 7, 2011

Om nom nom. =]

I came across this book randomly, 
and I think it is one of the greatest finds I have ever made!
Well, at least the most delicious. 

Awesome, right?
I plan on making every amazing little goodie this book has to offer!
I can't wait!