April 30, 2014

Project: Olivia Pope Inspired Dress

Finally, a preview of my Olivia Pope Inspired Dress I have been telling you about since late February. I've been working on this dress on and off, whenever I need a mental break from sewing handbags for all the shows this season. 
It is almost complete! I just need to sew on the buttons to the back of the dress. 

I decided to try my hand at beading for this dress.
This pattern is from Burda and features a unique bodice design with triangles in the back that button closed. I'll get you some more information about this dress in my final post about this project.

This dress is all white, using a cotton sateen and white pearls. 
It is confident, edgy, and sophisticated like Olivia Pope.  Hence the inspiration.
In case you are just tuning in, I am crazy about Olivia Pope's fashion on the TV Series Scandal.
You can catch up on Scandal on Netflix, the season just ended on TV the other week as it was shortened for Kerry Washington to have an adorable child. As hard as it is to wait to see what happens next, I guess it is ok. We'll give you this one. 

More soon on this dress and another dress I have been making in secret. (A wedding dress!) 
Shhh. =]
Love, Katie


  1. Honestly, Olivia Pope's fashions are the reason I started sewing last year and began taking classes at Moore. I can only say WOW! One day I hope to create my own OPA inspired frock as well. Until then, night school and sewing whenever I can will have to do.

    1. No way! That is awesome! I studied at Moore too!
      Olivia Pope's fashion is truly inspirational.