September 28, 2011

Wishlist: Birthday Edition.

1.  The Naked and Famous CD.
Passive me, Agressive you

2. JoAnn Gift Cards.I have an addiction to fashion design and fabric. Please help support it. 

3. ModCloth Dress. Frankly, every girl needs a birthday dress, for every birthday.
This red dress is enough to have a good party even if you don't have one.

4. Bridesmaids. Seriously the funniest movie I've seen this year. 

5. But I could really use donations towards a girl named katie.
There are a lot of changes and work that still need to be made and some of them are going to take a hunk of money. Anything would be appreciated to help me get my dream on it's feet. 

September 22, 2011

If I had my own award show: Celebrity Edition

Favorite Actor: Will Smith, need I say more? 

Favorite Actress: Natalie Portman, she's adorable. 

Most adorable couple: Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, how I wish they were still together!

Favorite TV show: Project Runway to fill my love of fashion design. 

Favorite movie: Garden State.

Movies I want to see: Black Swan. 

Classic must see movie: Back to the Future.

Can't miss TV show: Suits. 

Best celeb style: Rachel Bilson. 

Celeb I would love to meet: Lauren Conrad.

Favorite holiday tradition movie: Shaun of the Dead. I seriously watch this every October and love it. 

Best 2011 Comedy: Bridesmaids.

Best love story of all time: The Notebook.

September 12, 2011

Get the Look: Autumn

Don't forget to order from my Mark Eboutique! 

Total Look Cost: $51.60

Mark Top 5: September.

I recommend trying either "Glama" or "Pinkie" for something fun. 

Gym class will no longer defeat your make up. 
Just take 3 mins to reapply with handy little brushes that fit anywhere.

Make sure you treat yourself to a mask on the weekends, no one likes a stressed out face. 

A great tote bag is a necessity for school or everyday. 
The chain detailing is a great way to make yours stand out.

Putting off doing laundry, how about having 2 skirts in one?
Instantly gives you another day to procrastinate!

Shop these items here!:
Every purchase will enter you into winning a laptop case from a girl named katie.!
More details soon. 

September 4, 2011

Sneak Peek: Studio Update.

Bows! = cute accents to the new bags. 
The first collection features ivory, taupe, mustard and brown.  
Still working on some samples for future bags! 
This week I started preparing for the next collection already! 
My small "studio" space where I manage to make all the inventory.
Oh, and my inspiration bored for the rebranding of a girl named katie. 
And I began selling Mark. Make up!
I love the mark products and plan on starting tutorial posts soon!
Shop here:

September 3, 2011

Basic Product Guide.

Applying Make Up is not as challenging or time consuming as it may appear.
There is really no valid excuse not to use some product.
To be your best, you have to look your best, and feeling confident about your face is a good first step. 
You don't have to walk out of your house looking like a celebrity to take a math test. 
But just using some basic products to make your skin look radiant will make you feel much better to face the day. Did ya catch that pun? 

These are the products you need in your basic make up tool box.
They are worth the money and will easily last you months!
Scroll down for proof. 

It is always a good first step to cleanse your canvas before applying your makeup.
And washing your face will make you feel better even before you apply anything else!
Try Help Wanted, it smells wonderful and will help prevent breakouts. 
Remember to use regularly for best results! 
Before applying any color, prime your face for make up so that it will last longer and you won't have to worry about reapplying mid-day. I love Primed for Perfection! It only takes one pea-sized drop to cover my entire face and my make up lasts hours longer. 
Once your face is ready for action, apply a tinted moisturizer. It is not as hefty as foundation, so it will look more natural for the day time. Make sure to get a moisturizer with SPF 15! Try Get a Tint
For some trouble spots like red skin or under eye circles apply a concealer or foundation with a foundation brush to the areas. Speedway is a great product because it is both! and super quick to use!
Then use Matte-nificent to set your make up. Use a powder brush for soft coverage!
And always add Mascara to your eyes before leaving the house, it will instantly make them look bigger! 
Lash all You Want is great! And if you are the adventurous type you can even get it in colors!

Total Cost: $62
Days of use: 90 days - 120 days
Cost per day: less than 70-52 cents a day

Make sure you purchase these great products through my Mark. store!
Purchases made through my Mark. store help support a girl named katie.  create new products!  

September 2, 2011

She's my dream.

If I would have an accent
and could be in any way musically talented and sing like an angel,
I would hope to be as amazingly sweet  and gorgeous as this girl:

Gabrielle Aplin. 

September 1, 2011

Fall Trend Love: Muted Tones.

Muted tones don't have to be boring mauves, ivories, and taupes!
Even though those are quite lovely also. 
But for those of us that like to have a bit of color in their wardrobe there are muted tones! 
So now you can continue to wear your beloved oranges, pinks, and purples by trying a muted version of the color instead like pumpkin, dusty rose, and lavender. 

How about this pumpkin sweater? Cozy and effortlessly in style. 
Plus Pumpkin is a beautiful color for pretty much all hair colors and skin tones. 

Ooh, dusty rose. No longer a color just for the elder.
I love the vintage feel of this dress in this timeless muted tone.
Need a dress to wear for a date, girls night, interview, wedding, or church?
^ This is the one. ^ 

This lavender dress is so lovely! And shall I say romantic. =]

And in case you are still unsure about these muted tones, perhaps you should try a typed muted palette color in a super cute 50's inspired dress. 
Don't forget with a fun print!