September 30, 2013

Hello Beautiful!

Today is the day!
I am one step closer to my dream job.
It has been a daunting decision, but it is time for me to take the next step.

I have a lot of new and fun things in store for you and hope my new hours will allow me to finally pursue some of the projects I have been trying to accomplish for over a year!

Here are a few things I have in mind: 
New Products arriving online!
Outfit Posts and Sewing Projects
Possibly a few product videos
And hopefully an updated website with a shopping cart. 

Better get to work!

September 27, 2013

Get Paid to Work Out.

"If I was paid a dollar for every time I walked up and down these stairs, I would carry the bolts down one at a time" I jokingly said to my coworker who understands my dislike for inventory being on the second floor. But by the time I reached the top of the steps, it hit me.


You know why I don't want to work out? 
Because I don't have time, I feel like I am terrible at it, I like instant gratification, and I feel like a loser working out alone...etc. etc. etc. 
What motivates me? 

Why do I go to work everyday? 
My point exactly. 

So I thought to myself...
If I would pay myself for each work out exercise, I would be more interested and motivated.
Like a point system, maybe 15 push ups is 5 cents, completing a circuit in a workout video 25 cents, a work out class would be one dollar. At the end of a work out session, I could possibly buy a mocha that would deplete all of my hard work, but that might just be the best mocha I ever had. 

I have heard of using a goal system, where if I work out everyday, I get to buy myself something small at the end of the week. Essentially the same concept, except better for those who like instant gratification, like me. 

So I could spend my workout money on mochas or I could save it up for something more expensive, like a pair of shoes or a new dress. 

Let's recap.
Work out. 
Pay yourself. 
Reward yourself. 

September 25, 2013

Loving: Sequins.

Finally feeling better and ready to get back to work! 
I felt terrible the last few days, but after a carton of orange juice, and half of a bottle of mucus relief, I am feeling pretty good today. 
Speaking of pretty, how about those sequins? 

What is just as fantastic as glitter and doesn't get all over everything? 
I love sequins and wish I could wear them all of the time! 
Sequin + Pearls

Mm, just perfect!
I need to make myself something glamourous, asap!

September 14, 2013

At Home: In the Bathroom.

Yes, probably a weird place to start introducing you to our little home. 
But so far it is the first one done due to its importance. 

Here is the process from beginning to end, minus the very beginning when it actually had a floor.
Note: We currently are renting from my in-laws and the entire family was working on the apartment like mad two weeks before our wedding so we could move in. Which was kinda fun, but also fairly stressful when you were looking at a bathroom with no toilet or sink when it was move in time! 

The bathroom got a fresh coat of paint. I was originally thinking a french blue for the room, but my mother-in-law found this navy on sale and we went with it. I was a little nervous at first because I did not want the bathroom to look smaller. We decided to leave the ceiling and the right wall white to add the idea of space and balance the white appliances. 
I now love the color of our bathroom. We look so hip and cool! 
The tub got a fresh coat of paint too! 
It looks 300x better than it did. Tub 'n Tile paint. It works!
And then we finally had a floor, a sink, AND A TOILET!
I pulled my shower curtain from home and we added a fresh graphic rug.
I love this rug! I want to buy an endless supply so I would never have to live without it. 
But that would just be crazy.
I found these silhouettes at a thrift shop! 
Perfect companions to our His and Hers hand towels!

Thanks for stopping by!
Come back soon to see more rooms! 

September 10, 2013

Loving: Fur.

I just found amazing pieces of fur at my local fabric store. 
I bought about 6 in different colors. (Purple, Red, Green, Navy, Brown, etc!) 
I am so excited about them! But I am not exactly sure what I am going to make with such small pieces. So naturally I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration! 

I am in love with fur vests! 
Here are a few of my favorites:

September 7, 2013

Dream Wedding: Handmade Invitations

One way to save money on your wedding: Make your own invitations!
Invitations can get pricey! A lot of places I looked cost $1.50-3.00 an invite for just a card and envelope. We decided to make passport invitations to go along with our travel theme, which of course would have cost twice as much!
The average cost to have our invitations made would have been $6.50 per invite. Multiply that by the 80 invitations we sent out = $600 including postage. 

Would you hate me if I told you we spent under $50?
That's right. You heard me. We saved over $550 on our invitations! 
How is it possible, you might ask?
 I designed the invitations myself, cover to cover and finished them off with a Passport Stamp I purchased on Etsy from a shop called Stamp Out for $27.60.
It was a very well made stamp. I loved that it was clear so you could really see where you were placing the image. And the stamp came rather quickly! We gathered our aunts, sisters, friends, and mothers to help us cut out the pages, stamp the covers, and label the envelopes. 
Josh help me tie them up with a little bit of yarn!

Our passport included a map, a wedding day to-do list, and of course the basic wedding information.

Paper cost: $11.00 for white and kraft paper cardstock and transparent paper to make 80 invitations (I found the paper in the clearance section at a craft store! They were in the middle of changing brands. Lucky me!)
Plus the stamp and envelopes, the total cost for creating the invitations was $42.60, which is 53 cents per invitation.
So Folks.
That is how you do it.

Want to save money on invitations?
Design and print them yourself.

Don't worry if you are not skillful enough to make them yourself.
You must have at least one creative relative or friend that could help you out!
They could make your invitations as a wedding present. It's a win, win!

September 5, 2013

Sewing Project: Linen Washi Dress

I am finally at a point in this crazy busy life to sit down and 
share with you what has been making me just so crazy! 

The wedding is over.
((Photos should be coming in another week or so! I cannot wait!))

The apartment is half-way finished. 

And I am about 13 work days away from working part-time at the fabric shop and part-time a girl named katie! ((I am superrr excited!))

So! Project time! 
I found this cute pattern on one of my favorite fabric shops websites, Drygoods Design
I discovered Drygoods Design when I was in Seattle for a fabric show. 
It was a dream location. They are located above a coffee shop! 
Ahhh, my two favorite things, fabric and mochas. 
But anyway! I absolutely loved their shop! They had such a unique way of displaying their fabric. Rather than boring shelves, they used large crates for their bolted fabrics and barrels for the rolls. They had cute decorations and even a cozy couch! (For those hard fabric decisions where you must sit down to think through them!)
I picked myself a few fabrics from the wall to make a quilt I have absolutely no time for (Maybe someday!) and signed myself up for their emails. 

And that's how I found this dress! 
 I specifically love how the pattern came with a little booklet for instructions. 
 And was real paper (!) which is much nicer than tissue paper. 
I am going to use a combination of two linens for this dress, a heathered gray and a french blue. 
I plan on using the blue as just an accent for the bottom hem.
This pattern allows you to make the dress with or without the key hole. (I think I will do it without first.) And you do not need a zipper! The back has some shirring (which I have never done but I am excited to try) to make the dress more fitted. And it has pockets. What more do you need?!

I cut the dress out and began sewing immediately. 
So far it is sewing quickly and should be done in no time! 
Happy sewing! 

September 2, 2013

What's New?!

So, what's new?!
I've been busy working on some new projects and I am still trying to catch up from our move. 
Yes, my sewing room is still not finished. But I am working on it and there will be pictures coming soon, I promise!

One of the new projects I was working on were these sweet little promo cards that I sent out to my favorite boutiques. And we are now offering wholesale! (Only for businesses, please!)
Just a reminder that we make our handbags with vegan materials and purchase from other small businesses. We love to use faux-suede/leather and printed cottons!
Our accessories are not made in China! Everything is made at my studio in Pennsylvania, by me!
This means you will be receiving a handmade item with attention to quality and details.
Want to see a girl named katie accessories in your favorite boutique? 
Let us know where you shop!

And don't forget, today is the last day to save 
30% off laptop bags in the shop!
(Prices already reduced so you don't need a code!)