February 3, 2012

Mission: Healthier Katie.

image: tumblr.

I have been seriously tired the last couple weeks and 
I would be lying to say that it is not having a huge effect on my work.
Unmotivated has practically been my name and after analyzing my habits it was obvious why I haven't been feeling well and lacking the energy I need to get stuff done.
My new year's resolution was to work out more,
I have been told through the years that this will give you more energy and help you be healthy.
Unfortunately I forgot the part that goes along with that....having a nutritional diet.
New goal: Be healthier.
You can bet I got on Google and did some research.

Another goal of mine is to blog more.
So, I will be trying to blog some little nuggets from my mission.
I just figured I'd warn you.
Love, Katie.