September 24, 2014

Updated Look + Website

Hello there! It's me again.
I have been taking a break from blogging to spend sometime focusing on myself a little.
I felt like I have been struggling to feel confident in my work lately and needed some time to get re-inspired and work on some of my skills. When you run a business, you tend to feel rushed and like you need to just take a picture of anything and throw it out there to show that you are working on something. But as I was doing that, I felt like I was not representing the best that I could do and that by taking more time to capture the best image is better than just getting one out there as soon as possible. My goals for myself this fall are to slowww down and take my time. Quality is better than quantity.

My first project was to reshoot the products for our new coffee line.
I posted the images just in time to announce the new fall flavors: Chai, S'mores, Bacon, and Whiskey.

We now have an official website:

Also, I have been working to consolidate all of my webpages onto one website.
In a few weeks, I will no longer post on this blog. The new blog will be part of my entire website and can be found at

One last thing,
My mom is currently in the hospital and today we find out whether she will be allowed to go home, or if she will need surgery. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you + Blessings,