March 29, 2014

Weekly Update: Week 2 + 3

Hey there!
Like our new look?
(Template from Beautiful Dawn Designs)

Yesterday felt like the day to take a professional step with the blog.
So we put on a new set of work clothes!

Last weekend I was out of town, so I decided to post a combined update this week.

This week brought a new bag into town.
The Velvet Town Bag in Lavender!

I have been crazy about lavender lately.

We also designed some packaging for our silk scarves and started working on a few more new products.

New business cards and hang tags arrived this week! 
We can't wait to take these beauties to the show!

See you next week!

March 15, 2014

Weekly Update: Week One

Hey there!
In case you missed my last post, let me fill you in on where I have been all week!

a girl named katie is preparing for five spring craft shows!
And because I am super busy in the studio preparing for these shows, I have decided to just blog once a week until the show season slows down. 

So here is our first weekly update:

This week I finished a lot of bags and I am preparing to finish some more next week.
(They are so pretty, I just can't wait!)

I introduced two new bags and they are in the shop!

Don't forget, the 30% off sale is still going on!
Use the code: FB300 

The new bags are included in this sale. 
These are limited edition!
So grab your favorite before they are sold out!

See you next week!

March 10, 2014

News, news, news.

What's happening?!

Did you have a great weekend?
Did you feel that sunshine?
Did you hear those birds?!

We did!
And just like the cows in our pasture, we were lovinggg it!

My brother's birthday was last week and we had them over for the weekend.
I woke up early on Sunday and made him one of his favorite breakfasts, banana bread french toast with a loaf I baked earlier in the week.
We had strawberries and whip cream, and fresh squeezed orange juice.
Yum. :)

----------- Onward!! ----------

To the news: 

So you know how I told you I was accepted into three craft shows?
or 4..
now 5...

Yup. We are going to FIVE spring craft shows in the Philly area!
We just heard back from Art Star Craft Bazaar and we are in! 
So if you are in Philly, stop by and say hello! 
The show is two days, May 10th + 11th at Penn's Landing.

I am still freaking out. 

So much to do! So much to do!

So, that's the good news. Now for some bad news:
Because it is just little ol' me and anyone I can manage to bribe with coffee and baked goods helping prepare for the show, I have decided to take a bit of a back seat on the blogging front for a while.

I am planning to post weekly updates every Saturday that will include news, event information, and previews of new products. So make sure you catch up with us on the weekend! 

I will be back to blogging closer to the end of our Spring show season. 

But wait, there is more good news!
A Girl Named Katie is going to be getting a "brand" new look! 
We are officially working towards a new logo, a new website, and making several updates to our blog.
The new look is coming early this summer!

In the mean time..
3.) Leave us craft show advice in the comments!

Did ya get all that?
See you on Instagram, friends!

March 6, 2014

We made it!

We finished out the 300 likes with a few to spare!
Now as promised!

I just want to say how blessed I am to have the support of all of you fine folks!

I really love creating these products for you and I am so thankful that I am able to pursue this dream full-time. 

For those who are new friends, A Girl Named Katie products are handmade. Hours of time, passion, and joy go into making each item. Every item is made just for you.

When you purchase a handbag, you are supporting my dream. You are making it possible for me to do what I love every day.

But not just my dream. I make it a point to purchase my materials from other small businesses in America, so when I succeed, they succeed.

I hope to see you at one of my Spring shows (see the events page for details.) And if you can't make it, that is alright. You can shop 24/7 right here:

Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

300 for 30.

We are almost there!

Have you stopped by our Facebook page and given us a like?
When the page reaches 300 likes, you get 30% off everything in the shop!
(and new products are on their way!)

March 5, 2014

Craft Party!

The other weekend I invited some of my lovely friends over to join me for a crafty brunch. 
I treated them with homemade waffles, fresh fruit, strawberry bruschetta and french breakfast donuts fresh out of the oven.
I asked each guest to bring a mug or plate to decorate because we were going to make sharpie mugs!
Have you tried this?!

The girls made some cute mugs and I decorated a couple of plates I thrifted a few days earlier.

We used Sharpie oil-based paint pens and after waiting a couple days I baked them at 425F for 30 minutes. I popped them in the oven as it was preheating so the ceramic could slowly rise to temperature. Once they were done I turned off the oven and left them cool with the door closed for 15 minutes. 
I cracked open the door to let them come down to room temperature.
They look good!

If you are looking to doodle on some of your own mugs, use caution when decorating with strong oil-based paints and when baking. Make sure you ventilate the room for safety.

It is recommended that you hand wash your new dishes. 

If you are decorating mugs, only decorate the outside of the mug. For plates, use them as decoration or serving trays. Do not eat or cook on them. 

We had so much fun we are going to have another one soon and I can't wait!
What should we make next?!

Have fun crafting!
Love, Katie

March 4, 2014

Happy Fastnacht Day!

This is possibly my favorite Tuesday every year. 
Here in PA Dutch County we like to celebrate a little thing we like to call, Fat Tuesday. 
A day dedicated to indulging in food.
And what food is better to indulge in than Fastnachts?

A German word for "Fast Night", Fat Tuesday traditionally occurs the day before Ash Wednesday when fasting before Easter begins. It is the last hoo-rah if you will. 
Fastnachts (Fost-Nokts) are like doughnuts but not as sweet.
Either way, they are still delicious.

Enjoy those. =]
Love, Katie

March 3, 2014

Coffee Date: Craft Shows!

Let's grab some late morning coffee and chat about what is happening.

Well, I am freaking out with the excitement and joy right now!
God is blessing me and my business so much.
Since feeling called to leave my day job I have been able to dedicate all of my time to pursuing my passion and building my relationships with family and friends. 
In result, online sales have increased and I have become increasingly busy with projects!
I will be teaching classes at a sewing center in the Summer. (More details soon!)
I have had the opportunity to host several brunch and dinner parties for our dear friends. 
But most recently, I am going to three spring craft shows (still waiting to hear from two more) this year!
You can see us and shop at Clover Markets and Downtown Glenside.

We will be at the April 13th and May 18th Shows. 

This show is the First Annual show and it is on April 26th.
Come out and celebrate with us! 

Super exciting stuff, right?!

I touched base a little bit with you last week on my goals after finding out I made it to one craft show.
I am feeling overwhelmed, but I'm ready to grab hold of this opportunity.
I have what feels like a million things on my to-do list and I am so grateful to have friends that are willing to step in when I give a shout out for help. 

We are looking forward to some new products being made.
Some new business cards and promotional items.
And finding fun display pieces for our booths. 

Write down those dates on your calendar and check out their websites!
We hope to see you there! 
Chat soon!

How is God working in your life?
What has He blessed you with lately? 

March 1, 2014

Project: Bonnie & Clyde Inspired

Here it is!
My Bonnie and Clyde inspired dress and coat. 
I used a vintage cotton print to make a shirt dress with hidden snap closures.
The jacket is made out of ponte knit and alpaca wool. It is a loose fitting jacket that I added a waist tie to for the sake of shape. Check out my last blog post for some more details.

I made this outfit to enter in the Movie Inspired Sewing Contest being held on Pattern Review.
If you are a Pattern Review member, remember to vote for my outfit! (Pretty please!)

So what's on my sewing table next?
An Olivia Pope inspired dress? I think so. 

But before that. I am going to be crazily making bags and new fun products because I have some exciting news! A Girl Named Katie will be attending three craft shows this spring! 
You will be able to visit us in Glenside, Ardmore, and Chestnut Hill. 

Dates will be announced soon!
Stay posted. 

Love, Katie