August 16, 2011

Not a break up.

Just a break! 
I'm taking a little break from blogging as I make some changes to better my blog.

I'll see you soon!

August 10, 2011

Organize: Fabric.

This was the first stage of organizing my fabric collection.
A hot mess indeed. So, I decided to organize them by fabric and put them into boxes 
to make the space look a lot less cluttered. 
However, I grew out of the box phase. I wanted to be able to see the fabric so I would not forget what I already had and how much I have in that case, 
to prevent me from adding to the collection while it is still plentiful in abundance. 
So what did I decide next? Well, to make my own fabric display of course!
Why did it take me so long to get to this point? 

What you will need: 
empty cardboard bolts from a fabric store...and that's it! 
(I used the bolts for 45" wide fabric and cut the bolts into 4 pieces to fit my bookshelf)
Cut your bolts to the preferred size and fold your fabric to the height of the mini-bolt, and roll.
It is really that easy. 

Now clean your hot mess up. 

August 8, 2011

Things I love. Jewelry Edition.

My perfect watch. 

Watercolor Duck Earrings. 
They also sell tons of cute watercolor pendants! 

Adorable for siblings, mothers, and lovers. 

August 2, 2011

August Goals:

1.  Sew 3 Bridesmaids dresses. Not really an option, they NEED to get done. 

2.  Finish every item that is on my sewing "chair" which is so full you can't even tell it is a chair. 

3.  Put all my fabric on bolts and organize my fabric bookshelf!

4.  Sew at least 3 new dresses. 

5.  Find a few vintage inspired pieces for my online store.

6.  Order fabric for new bags. 

7. Repaint and decorate my bathroom. 

8. Sell 4 bags and make more bags. 

9. Try new recipes! 

10. Host a family picnic. 

What a list! 

Step One:

And the rebranding begins!
In case you haven't heard, a girl named katie. is rebranding this month.
I just finished some samples and received my new business cards.
But there is still a long way to go and this is just the beginning! 
 I am loving my new business cards for a girl named katie. and kaitlin elise photography.
 I also came up with a new product that I'm very excited about! I can't wait to make more!
 I organized some of my fabrics for bags by cutting cardboard to use as
 fabric bolts to fit in my bookshelf.
It feels like having your own fabric store, and that is fabulous. 
 New bag samples! 
I love them and have been putting a lot of thought into what is my next step.
But read here about what I have planned for now. 
But in the meantime, I'm in a world of red satin making bridesmaids dresses for a cousin's wedding.
Keep me in your prayers, for the sake of making 3 satin dresses 
and that the new a girl named katie. will be successful! 


July Goals: 
Take an ecourse.
I decided to take the "Dream Job" ecourse by Red Velvet and I absolutely love love loved it!

Receive feedback on my bag collection. 
This was just the help I needed to focus my ideas and know how to better my products 
with what the customers want in a bag. 

Sell (5) bags. 
I actually sold 10! Woop woop on the doublin' !
See which ones sold here!

Organize my "studio." 
I did some variation of this with my fabrics, but there is still a bit of work to do in this area...

Photograph (2) fashion shoots. 
I sadly didn't have time to schedule any shoots in July because I was sewing all day every day to double my inventory for my trunk show.
But I miss it. Like woah. 
Re-do my bathroom. 
Another thing I started but did not finish. It's a big project, cut me a break.
But I did give it a good cleaning. So good the one night while brushing my teeth I actually questioned whether I was in a hotel bathroom or not. Yep. Just that clean. 

Work on a portrait portfolio. 
Sell a photo print. 
Sadly these did not happen either... but maybe in August! 

Overall, I spent a lot of time in July working on my business presentation and creating inventory for my first trunk show where I sold 8 bags this month in one evening. 
August marks the start of a girl named katie.'s rebrand.
Goals tomorrow.