April 30, 2014

Project: Olivia Pope Inspired Dress

Finally, a preview of my Olivia Pope Inspired Dress I have been telling you about since late February. I've been working on this dress on and off, whenever I need a mental break from sewing handbags for all the shows this season. 
It is almost complete! I just need to sew on the buttons to the back of the dress. 

I decided to try my hand at beading for this dress.
This pattern is from Burda and features a unique bodice design with triangles in the back that button closed. I'll get you some more information about this dress in my final post about this project.

This dress is all white, using a cotton sateen and white pearls. 
It is confident, edgy, and sophisticated like Olivia Pope.  Hence the inspiration.
In case you are just tuning in, I am crazy about Olivia Pope's fashion on the TV Series Scandal.
You can catch up on Scandal on Netflix, the season just ended on TV the other week as it was shortened for Kerry Washington to have an adorable child. As hard as it is to wait to see what happens next, I guess it is ok. We'll give you this one. 

More soon on this dress and another dress I have been making in secret. (A wedding dress!) 
Shhh. =]
Love, Katie

April 29, 2014

At Home: Around the home.

Here are some peeks around our home I captured
as I prepared for last weekend's craft show and for some upcoming projects. 
The new hang tags are working it on our spring bags! 
I moved my fished plant to the bathroom to soak up the sun and humidity.
It's blooming now! 
I built two bookshelves for my handmade bags while baking muffins.
Watch out, Martha Stewart!
I prewashed some new cotton prints to make a couple more Sugar Pop Tops for summer.
Soon time for Me Made May!
Thanks for visiting!

April 28, 2014

Downtown Glenside Art Festival

Another show down!
This past weekend we visited Glenside with our handbags. The Hub and I are continuously working on ideas to make our tent look less "tenty" so for this show we purchased two more bookshelves and filled them with our colorful collection.

I just ordered an official banner for our tent and we added some sheer curtains along the back of our booth to test out a way to make the feel more polished. That's still in progress..

Our next show is at Penn's Landing for the Art Star Craft Bazaar.
May 10th and 11th. Check out their website for details! 

April 23, 2014

Project: Sugar Pop Top by Sew Caroline

Hi there!
Have you met my friend, Caroline?
She recently started a line of clothing patterns that are super fun and easy to make.
Perfect for beginners or those who just want to whip up a new outfit in a few short hours.

I answered the call to be a pattern tester for her latest and greatest pattern, The Sugar Pop Top.
This top was very simple to make with only a few pieces. There are two sleeve options, a cap or a flutter. There is also an adorable peter pan collar and a sweet little high-low hem.
I quickly made my top in the morning before Easter lunch with my family.

I cannot tell you enough how simple this top was to make!
But that could be because I have been working on hand-beading my Olivia Pope inspired dress that is nearly backless with triangles that button close and is fully lined in a way that you can not see the seam allowances at all. It's pretty awesome and just two buttons away from being complete. Hold onto your seat.
For my top I used a pumpkin-colored linen and rayon blend I purchased at Fabric Mart.
I managed to keep it unwrinkled until I sat in my car, baked some sweet potatoes, and met a puppy prior to taking these images...
What can ya do.
For this top I decided I wanted a lace collar. I looked through my stash to find a lace to cut with the peter pan collar but came across these beauties I purchased a while back because I just needed to have them and the project I would use them for would eventually come. It was a perfect match! It's like they were waiting for this moment to be used for this gorgeous top! 
I was even more stoked when the top fit well and there were no major alterations that needed to take place. The armholes are a bit snug for me personally, so I probably will redo the bottom of the arm for the sake of comfort. 
Because I opted to use the lace collars I had on hand, I made my own facing for the arms and neck. The pattern suggests to use bias tape. I am not very successful with bias tape...but it would be worth another shot...sometime...maybe.

I am happy with the way this top turned out and I am already planning a few more in my head as I type! There are so many possibilities for this pattern!

Make sure you follow Sew Caroline to see other examples of the Sugar Pop Top and to buy a pattern and start cranking out your own marvelous creations!
More from me soon! =]

April 22, 2014

You remember me?

So... I've been kinda terrible at posting weekly updates because I have trying to stay away from the blogging world while I prepare for my shows because I feel I can get quite distracted by it. I mean, the blog itself could be one business. But I created this blog to go along with my business. Be it's companion. It's friend if you will.

The truth is... I miss writing my blog.
The blog gives me a reason to make fun sewing projects a priority.
It allows me to take time to bake and put together something pretty, just because.
Sometimes I feel like my hobby of sewing is my work and I never stop working because that is seriously all I want to do. But just now I realized, that my blog is my hobby outside of "work."

So I am hoping to find a little more time for my blog again now that we have one show under my belt. Hopefully I will begin to gain confidence about the other upcoming shows and can allow myself some "chill time" for my hobby.

And I am going to start that right now with a this little list.
Because I enjoy getting to know other blogger's through their lists and their day in the life posts.
Some of my readers know me personally and read my blog to keep up with my life. 
But for others this is the way they meet me and learn about me.
So here we go! My first list!

MAKING handbags. All day everyday.
COOKING Muffins. I think muffins are the best.
DRINKING Today, hot chocolate & coffee. (together!)
READING new blogs and meeting new people
WANTING an accent table for our living room
LOOKING for new inspiration to start designing again
PLAYING how long can I avoid the grocery store
WASTING my time worrying when I just need faith
SEWING an Olivia Pope inspired dress. Almost done!
WISHING I had time to work on my patio project
ENJOYING the donuts my mom shared with me
WAITING for my coffee to kick in
LIKING my collection of lace I can't wait to use
WONDERING what Glenside has to offer 
LOVING my husband who is so supportive of me
HOPING I will make a positive impression
MARVELING at how beautiful life is
NEEDING to relax and take time for little pleasures
SMELLING fresh laundry. I enjoy doing laundry...
WEARING dinosaur p-jams. Don't judge.
FOLLOWING my Heavenly Father, for he knows all.
NOTICING the time and my to-do list
KNOWING that there is a reason I do what I do
THINKING about painting my desk
BOOKMARKING places to explore and things to try
OPENING a box of gorgeous hand-dyed velvet
GIGGLING this lobster skirt Tilly made
FEELING excited take on another day

April 14, 2014

Clover Market: Chestnut Hill

Hello there!
Remember me?
I finally resurfaced this past gorgeous weekend when I made an appearance at Clover Market.
It was 80 degrees and sunny!
A perfect day for a craft show...(despite the wind we received near the end.)
We debuted our Velvet Town Bags and Bow Town Bags at this show.
We also sold a little vintage, including clothing and housewares to round out our booth.

Our next show is just around the corner, so we will be back in hiding until then.
Stay updated with instagram to see what new products will be in Glenside on April 26th.

But first take a look around our Clover Market set up:

Can't make it to Glenside?
Don't worry! We have a few more shows this season.
New products will also be available in our online shop.
Visit us here: www.agirlnamedkatie.etsy.com