May 31, 2011

The End of May Report!

Yes, it's that time again. 
The time to come up with goals for that month that I would like to accomplish 

(but unfortunately don't get around to.. )
I did do somethings in May though! 

I designed a new accessory collection, and I worked on a summer collection 
(which is almost complete!)
I scheduled my first trunk show for July. 
I received emails about scheduling photo shoots with me. 
I even finished my photography website and updated my portfolio! 
I finished (2) business plans and a business policy. 
I completed (2) CE classes for photography. 
I improved my fashion photography. 
I tried to pick up dance again, but found out I'm wildly out of shape for what I use to be able to do. 
I made new bags for a girl named katie and updated the website with a new lookbook. 
And I started a new project for the online store!
I also successfully avoided buying clothes... but I'm sure that will go downhill with the annual "girls shopping trip" with my mom and aunt this year. Ha! 
Sadly I spent about $420 
on taxes
gas ($162! seriously!?)
sewing projects
sewing machine repair
my businesses
and mothers day gifts. 

Part time jobs are pretty lame. 
So it looks like I'm going to be doing some budgeting in June! 

Goals tomorrow! 

May 30, 2011

If I had a home:

Well, a home of my own. 
Like my own house. Heck, I'd even settle for an apartment. 
I would take pride and seek every opportunity in every furnishing. 
I love reading blogs and seeing the nifty ideas and decor people create to make a space their home. 
A lime green cabinet? Pretty much fantastic. Especially to cheer up an otherwise neutral room.
I am a big fan of the way they used Waverly fabric and wooden embroidery hoops as wall decor.
So clever!
(oh, and the fabric is modern essentials collection, you can find it at Joann Fabric Stores)
But seriously though, seriously, how adorable is this in-closet office?! 
Probably one of the smartest ideas ever.
(But not much of a tax write off. Just sayin'.)
How about using your wardrobe closet as decor? maybe a little troublesome to get to
unless you are cool with dancing around on your bed like a melodramatic teen chic flick. 
But a good concept in theory if you loveee fashion! 
So, let's talk about this wood art Duncan Johnson does. 
I think it is awesome and I'm glad Josh agrees and wants to eventually put awesome wood art like this in the house we'll eventually have, after eventually getting an apartment. 
cable knit blanket? Awesome. And totally cozy! 
I love cuddling up in soft blankets! And it's like a scarf, for your bed.
I need one.

May 28, 2011

Inspiration: Ruche

Ruche is a cute shop with indie and girly style. 
I love their story about how their business grew. 
Also, they basically have some of the best lookbooks I've ever seen.
I am crazy about their last lookbook being "The Notebook" themed. 
It makes me sooo happy. =]
Stephanie Williams does the photography and it always looks amazing.
I adore her work. Especially her bridal! 
I want this bow blouse. Perfect with jeans or as business wear.
And adorable in every way.
While reading about Ruche I discovered that it began with a husband & wife team.
I absolutely love when cute businesses are the collaboration of love and fashion.
I am in awe of husband & wife teams. And the support they have for one another. And that they spend almost every moment together and in result have such a remarkable relationship.
It is my dream to not only have my own boutique, like Ruche, but to work along side the love of my life.

May 26, 2011

What I love: Summer Dresses.

I love lace right now. It's so feminine and classy.  I love it being done in shorts and simple dresses. 
I am also a fan of floral right now. If every day could be a sunny garden party kind of day, 
life would seriously be unicorns and rainbows. 
I am pretty much in love with this pink shift
I love easy to wear cotton summer dresses. 
This orange dress is so simple but can easily be dressed up or down. 
This bow dress is practically the definition of simple flirty. 
Pretty much you would look incredible and put little to no effort into it. 
And, well this one doesn't really match the others, but I still love it. 
I love dresses that look like huge oversized tshirts.
I also like the bold stripes of this one. 

May 24, 2011

What's inside my bag?!

The Pink Dot Liz bag from a girl named katie. 
 So, I felt it was time from another "What's inside my bag post." This bag is 10x12 inches.
It is seriously huge. But can carry sooo much stuff. 
It is perfect for traveling. Anywhere. 
This is the full bag from the side.
Still lookin' cute. 
I wasn't kidding when I said it could hold a ton of stuff!
I managed to fit practically my whole bathroom cabinet in this thing! 
 The bag has (2) pockets on either side. They are useful in keeping makeup or other necessities 
in handy locations while your bag is filled with hairsprays and face washes and other stuff you managed to pack in there for your journey!
Inside my bag: 
(2) bottles of lotion.
Hair brush. 
Face wipes. 
Face wash. 
Facial moisturizer. 
Acne spot clearer. 
Hair spray. 
(2) tubes of lipstick. 
Eye Glass Case. 
Nail Polish. 
Contact Solution. 
Contact Case. 
Blush Brush. 
and (2) blush cases. 
Did ya get all of that? 
20 items! 
'nuff said. 
This bag just sold out today!
But there are more like it still available
and don't forget, you can special order bags too! 

May 20, 2011

a girl named katie. [ business cards ]

So...I made my own business cards for a girl named katie. 
I decided I wanted one side to be fabric covered and accented with pink stitching.
I wanted them to be cute and crafty. Success?
I took photos so you could follow the process!
If you would be interested in supporting me by handing out business cards to friends and family
email me (<--click for link) with your address and the number of cards you would like.

May 14, 2011

Summer Collection: Sneak Peek!

I thought it would be fun to show you what is coming next from a girl named katie. !
 The summer collection includes vibrant colors, solids, and random florals and polka dots!
Colors: blue, purple, green, and pink.
This is unfortunately one of the most organized spaces in the "studio"
 Covered buttons make an appearance! 
 And even some corduroy! 
And well, I just love covered buttons. =]
Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is what my "studio" floor looks like on a regular occasion...
The summer collection will be coming soon! 

May 9, 2011

Things I love.

Today I journeyed to the mall just to poke around. 
And it pretty much brought back every reason I love fashion 
and reinstated how great it would be to just have a least a hand in a fashion career. 
 I love the layers of ruffles this sweater has, and surprisingly I like it in Orange
 I like the idea of Khaki capris because they can be semi-dressy or just casual. 
These would look great rolled up!
 I'm enjoying how laid back Boyfriend jeans feel. 
 I really like the bright Floral patterns Hollister & Co is doing this season in fun dresses and sheer shirts.
Naturally, I love Ruffles, but I love the layers of ruffles at the bottom of this sweater. 
I like how simply accented this Gray sweater is with just a large chiffon floral. 
I'm quite a fan of the sheer shirt look this season especially this Bird shirt that is 
very whimsical, bright and flowy. 

May 6, 2011

Served up fresh.

Ok, let's talk about this. 
I am currently on page 17 out of the 41 pages of "Happy Place" the business/life plan. 
And I. am. loving. it. Seriously. 
When I first looked into this I thought, geezy weezy, who has the money to get me onto that boat. 
And then I got an email saying it was half off. And then I pondered. 
I finally thought, What the heck! Let's just do this! And I bought it the $249 for the megapack on sale.
Megapack= business plan and pricing guide. 
I then panicked a bit, thinking that I shouldn't have spent that much money on two ecourses. 
I already have two jobs and I been taking extra shifts to try to get two businesses off the ground. 
What am I doing throwing $249 at a person I don't know, nor will I ever meet?
But I justified it with the rave reviews, knowing that it will help me with what I need the most help with right now in my photography business. 
And also, that $249 for two courses was less than I would pay for 2 courses at a college. 
So, here I am, in pjams, under my fuzzy covers, with chocolate milk and a pink clipboard
working on worksheets in the comfort of my bedroom with the windows opened on my way to
a business plan. 
Best part is! I did not spend $800 on these courses.
And! I'm not paying $4 a gallon for gas to drive to Lancaster, once or twice a week. 
I would recommend these courses if you want to (a.) get serious about making your hobby a career and (b.) want to be honest with yourself and really think through things in the comfort of your own surroundings and focus solely on yourself, and your business. 
Read more and shop packages on Alicia's site! 
You can even get a free ecourse to help you "get your ducks in a row" for legalizing your business. 

(A little later....)
I am now rolling in on page 28 and already filled out 10 worksheets about what makes my business different and how I am going to manage my time
to allow me to have a life outside of owning my own business.
I honestly feel like this was worth the money, even though I debated it for quite some time.
I recently took a business course for photography and I must say
this do-it-yourself course has gotten me to a good point in my business life.
Perhaps dare I say it was even more helpful than the course I just took?
But with both those things under my belt I feel like I can finally get a good handle on this dream
and make it a career soon. 

May 4, 2011

This is my boyfriend. =]

Is this going to be a mushy post about how amazing my boyfriend is to me? 
Sorry, but Yes, absolutely.
It just needs to happen.
 He shows me endless love and support.
He never lets me forget that I'm the love of his life
and he never fails to support me as we grow and go through life stages.
Even when life is hard. He never gives up on me. 
 He makes my life so happy.
He gives me every reason to wake up in the morning and go after my dreams.
But in return, every reason to miss him every second I'm not by his side.
He completes me in every way.
I receive countless numbers of forehead kisses. 
I am constantly reminded of how adorable he thinks I am 
and how proud he is of me and how lucky he feels being with me.
I never regret a day that I am with him. I only love him more than the day before. 
And he's weird, but we're weird together.
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Sometimes our love pushes us, but only more towards each other.
It's the small moments I spend with him that make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
I adore him in every way.
And I promise to love him through every life lesson, mood, and facial hair stage.

School should be Fashionable.

Thank you, Char for the amazing pictures and the fun day I got to spend with you and Tawanda! 
Fashion shoots are always the best. 
Hands down.  
And some advice, because I was in high school once...
Don't care about what people say about you when you are fashion forward. 
They just don't know what's good. 
Have fun as much as possible. 
And live in every trend and every moment.