August 29, 2012

Inspiration Library.

Nothing is better than relaxing with a good book that stimulates the mind with design inspiration.
I thoroughly enjoy the hunt for a great new book.
So I found a few books that need to be part of my library.  

I first stumbled upon this London Style book on eat drink chic's blog. Which led me to Which led me to stumble upon some more interior design books. Which led me to desire these books in my life. 
This book is full of beautiful pictures and inspiration I could drool over for hours while sitting at a chic kitchen table sipping tea. 
I would love to visit London, and when I get that chance, this book will be in my carry on.
 Case closed.

One of my favorite things about a well decorated room are the color choices. I was attracted to this French Flair book for that reason. Nothing is better than a well planned color pop! 
Except maybe an ice cream machine in the kitchen. But let's start small. 

I love the term "Modern Vintage." I actually came up with this term approximately a year ago. Turns out someone else had the same idea and naturally beat me to the punch by writing a book about it. 
Oh well! I still want this book!
My most recent obsession has been scouring thrift shops, flea markets, and auctions to score awesome vintage pieces to use as accents in my rooms.  
Flea Market Chic seems like another book I would enjoy for the same reasons!
I have been able to find a lot of great pieces at thrift shops.
I love when a room is full of quirky finds or when colors and prints are mixed and matched. 
And of course, being the hand crafter that I am, it is only necessary for me to have a book called Handmade Home! Nothing is better than pieces in your home that are made by you. 
 Undecorate shows a lot of good ideas on how to make a room look pulled together, but is still laid back and easy. Which is perfect!
By the way, my birthday is coming up. (wink, wink)
=] Only kidding.
I hope you check some of these out and let me know if you find anything else I might like! 

August 23, 2012

A little bit of Awesome.

I have to admit, I love interior design. Which really isn't that shocking since I love fashion design as well and they are rather closely related, I like to think. 
Fabric, color, accessories, etc. 
When a good friend moved into a new place I offered to help him in the design field.
I just enjoy decorating rooms, I can't help it. 
 I asked him to email me a picture of the space and then I came up with three basic ideas for the space and put together a rough collage in Photoshop so he could visualize each thought.
I figured I would show you what I came up with because I am rather proud of myself considering 
I don't do this for a day job. 
Idea One: 
I thought it would be fun to add a bold art statement in the room that is eye catching yet very simple. 
This could be done easily with square canvases and paint for a fun ombre effect that doesn't
 take a lot of effort or talent. 
Idea Two: 
This idea began with the center image, which I have been admiring on my desktop for the past week thinking it would make a great drawing. But then I thought it would even be good as a enlarged print in a guy's apartment. I thought 3 images would be a nice focal point, so I added two other prints.
It would be fun to do a similar photo shoot and create your own special pieces for the wall.
Idea Three:
My favorite part of any room are the details. Especially those that are quirky or vintage.
I chose some "floating" wood shelves and then added some cool knick knacks to add some personality to the space. I tried to choose a few items that reminded me of my friend.
The best part of this wall is the thrill of the hunt for each piece.
I get super stoked when I find things in great accent colors.

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Thank you to all of those who already have! 
I appreciate your support!

August 19, 2012

Giveaway and survey!

Hello there!
As I work on making new awesome products, I want to hear from my past and potential customers about what they look for in a bag and some other questions of how I can better fit the needs of my dear supporters.

I wrote a little survey to help get your feedback because I want you to have a wonderful shopping experience with a girl named katie.

I appreciate all of my customers and friends and would like to offer you a chance to win a bag handmade by me to show my thanks!

To enter to win you need to complete the following:

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(If you follow me on both you will be entered to win twice!) 

Then comment on this post to let me know you how you chose to follow me.

And lastly, take the survery

The winner will be announced September 3rd, 2012. 

Please share this post with your friends and family!
The more feedback I receive, the better I can make my products and business.

Thank you so much!

August 3, 2012

Sew Jealous.

See what I did there?
Yeah, ya did.
I have been a proud stalking of sewing rooms since Pinterest came into existence.
I have been working to get my own sewing space up to par 
while I await for my brother's room to clear out so I can actually have a room
since I have seemed to out grow my small corner.
Someday I will have a dream sewing room.....someday.
Maybe when I buy my dream Mediterranean home.

But anywho,
Fabric Mart wants to see everyone's sewing studio, room, or space.
Whatever you have, Fabric Mart wants to see it.
Some might even be featured on the blog as a studio tour!
And everyone's will be post on the Fabric Mart Facebook.

It's time for me to clean, I guess!