January 16, 2013

Designer: Lilly Pulitzer

There is nothing better than a flamboyantly bright dress to make you feel like a pretty little lady. 
A Lilly Pulitzer store is like a dream closet. 

Lilly Pulitzer began by making her own dresses to wear at her juice stand. 
The ladies loved them so she began selling them there. 
After her schoolmate, Jackie-O, was spotted vacationing in one they were an instant hit! 

My favorite thing about this brand are the bright prints that are specially designed for the collection. 
How much fun is that!? A lot. 
Added bonus for having super adorable and awesome stores! 

Love  simple little dresses in bold colors and prints!
Isn't their inspiration wall gorgeous?
And can we even discuss how wonderful their office is?!
I would probably love working there just based on that desk space.

Visit their website! http://www.lillypulitzer.com/

January 11, 2013

A quick note to teenage girls.

You could wish you were like anyone else and try to change yourself to be exactly like them, 
but the only person you will ever truly be happy being is you. 

I spent years of my life trying to become something else, trying to fit a specific style I thought was cool or do my hair like that celebrity in a magazine. 

But you know what?
That never got me anywhere other than having a haircut that wasn't right for me and a closet of clothing that I don't really love. 

Through this I finally learned something about fashion. 

You do not pick your style/genre/whatever. 
What you love IS your style. 
Your style is who you are! You are not the style. 

I tried to be so many different things and after trying so hard, I wasn't really any of those. 
I stopped buying things I thought were my style and started buying things because I absolutely love them. 
And that my friends, has determined my style.

I have been told that my style is "Indie."
And I'll accept that. 
But most importantly my style is me, not a genre of fashion. 

My style is Katie (soon to be Kline! =] )

Sometimes I'm a graphic designer....

So as you have probably heard by now,
I'm getting married!
We are super excited! (Josh is particularly excited for the day after our wedding, when the planning is all over.)
However, I intend on making the most of my planning experience and enjoy the process as much as I possibly can. Because after all, I love planning parties! 
And a wedding is just a HUGE party, right? 

As two young folks, Josh and I don't have 30 grand to drop on a wedding. 
Nor do I believe that is necessary even if we would. 

So we are going to save as much as possible on our wedding day by thrifting, borrowing, and creating everything to keep in check our $4,000 budget for the entire shindig from engagement party to after party. 

First up are the invitations and guest cards for our engagement party! 
These are the Guest Cards. 
The Guest cards are simply that, cards for our guests. (About 45 people will be invited (...I'm marrying into a big family!))
On the back we asked our select few to be our wedding party as well as assigned other family members to ways they could help us on our big day. 

 I took the time to design these invites myself! (Being a yearbook graphic design editor in high school came in handy afterall...)
And we paired these bad boys up with some colorful envelopes which we got at a craft store half price. 
Pack of 100 Envelopes in various bright colors = $10.00
I even printed them and cut them all at home! 
I got the cardstock in clearance at a craft store for $3.97
I don't really consider myself a graphic designer, but hey, I don't think I too shabby of a job either way!
Cutting out Joshuas beard...
Not fun, but worth it. 
And finally, the engagement party invitations! 

$13.97 for invitations and guest cards

I am swooning over the ideas I have for my wedding and can't wait to share with you the decorations and recipes I have chosen for the party! 
Stay tuned! 

January 3, 2013

Resolution, Solution.

And here it is.
My list of resolutions that I will try to accomplish while working 40 hr weeks, plan a wedding, and run a growing business where I make all the products by hand.
Obviously I am already doubting myself in my capabilities to complete such tasks I am about to propose, but I gotta try, right?!

As several attempts to work out and eat healthier have come and gone, I am still trying to pursue this goal. I need to get myself into a good schedule! And probably learning about what is actually healthy wouldn't be a bad start...

Therefore I will enlist the help of my brother's girlfriend and make time to grocery shop. I will try new recipes and make meals ahead of time. Because what I lack is time. Hence, why this has yet to work out for me...
I will go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier to workout in the morning. Even if it is just for 15 minutes!

In result, I hope to have more energy, since I have to work 8 hours and then come home and work at least 3 hours for myself. (There might be a very timely cup of coffee worked into the schedule!)

With more energy, I intend on being more productive. This means I will have to clean the ironing board off of my desk and stop checking my emails in bed like a loaf.

I will also need to plan my tasks ahead of time and create deadlines. A few months ago I took a productivity challenge and well....didn't do very well. Mainly because I was choosing 6 huge tasks that I could not accomplish in a few hours. Lesson learned. Choose less tasks or assign smaller tasks.

And most of all! 
I want to sew more for myself. Which I'm going to do by blogging about my projects and make blogging part of my business work time.

Sound good?

Sounds good. 

Here. We. Go. 

January 1, 2013

2012: Favorites.

A few of my favorite memories and accomplishments of 2012.
I finished a lighting for photographers class, which completed my certificate in photography. 
I designed a new collection of handbags that I absolutely love! (More like this will be made for next fall!)
I celebrated my 21st birthday with flowers from my fiance and cake from my loving friend. 
I discovered the Tomcat Cafe. Possibly the best thing I've done all year. 
We got engaged! 
I planned Joshua a Cookies and Milk themed birthday party for his 20th 
I dabbled with bright pink lips!
I had dinner dates with close friends. 
I began a bathroom redesign project- Kate Spade themed!
I sold a lot of mustache pillows!

And I found this awesome radio at an auction. Win!
 I visited Seattle, WA!
And I hung out with friends in NYC. 

All in all, a wonderful 2012!
Welcome, 2013.