July 16, 2014


Sooo, we need to make some changes here.
Changes that will hopefully have a positive effect on my business, especially in the time department.
I love taking some time to write a blog. But I often feel like I never have enough time to give to it.
I have this problem, where I try to take on too much.
You might have a similar problem.
But in the next month or so, I am adding some more things to my life that I will talk more on later.

One of the things I was taught in art school was to find one thing you do well, and focus on that until you have become a master of that one thing. Which might seem locigal for most people, but for creatives such as me, it is quite difficult to not want to just do everything there is to do. 
You probably heard me talk about wanting to start a fashion line, which has been my dream since I was about seven. Well, I am actually going to do this thing now. After years of taking classes and sewing for myself, I feel I am prepared to give this a shot. After making handbags for the past two years and learning the market, I am going to dip my toes in the ice cold water of fashion retail. 

So what does this all mean and why are you telling us?

This blog space will become a space that just represents my sewing.
I am limiting it from a lifestyle blog, to just a sewing/business blog.
Therefore you will see more of my work. Mainly outfits from my handmade wardrobe and previews and information on my business. And less of everything else I post, included recipes, weekly updates, inspiration posts, etc.

2. Handbags are also going to be limited. I will still be making them, but they will not be the focus of my business. My business will become more focused on clothing. The longterm goal is to start a clothing line that turns into an online boutique that turns into a physical boutique in years to come. 
And so on and so forth. (Or Sew On and Sew Forth if you are feeling a bit punny)

3. I am taking a part time job position that allows me to work with local artists and grow a Christian-based cafe in our community. Despite having a lot of goals of my own, I feel passionate about the opening of this small business and I was asked to help them propel it forward with my ideas and skills. It is going to be a great asset to our little town, yet that means I will have less time to focus on my business and need to limit the things going on in my life so I can succeed.

That's about it.
Thank you for understanding and being so supportive of my journey!


  1. Congrats on the upcoming changes! It's always good to realign your focus.

  2. I'm looking forward to getting a closer look into your work/sewing life. Good luck with all the transitions! :)