September 1, 2011

Fall Trend Love: Muted Tones.

Muted tones don't have to be boring mauves, ivories, and taupes!
Even though those are quite lovely also. 
But for those of us that like to have a bit of color in their wardrobe there are muted tones! 
So now you can continue to wear your beloved oranges, pinks, and purples by trying a muted version of the color instead like pumpkin, dusty rose, and lavender. 

How about this pumpkin sweater? Cozy and effortlessly in style. 
Plus Pumpkin is a beautiful color for pretty much all hair colors and skin tones. 

Ooh, dusty rose. No longer a color just for the elder.
I love the vintage feel of this dress in this timeless muted tone.
Need a dress to wear for a date, girls night, interview, wedding, or church?
^ This is the one. ^ 

This lavender dress is so lovely! And shall I say romantic. =]

And in case you are still unsure about these muted tones, perhaps you should try a typed muted palette color in a super cute 50's inspired dress. 
Don't forget with a fun print!

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