September 3, 2011

Basic Product Guide.

Applying Make Up is not as challenging or time consuming as it may appear.
There is really no valid excuse not to use some product.
To be your best, you have to look your best, and feeling confident about your face is a good first step. 
You don't have to walk out of your house looking like a celebrity to take a math test. 
But just using some basic products to make your skin look radiant will make you feel much better to face the day. Did ya catch that pun? 

These are the products you need in your basic make up tool box.
They are worth the money and will easily last you months!
Scroll down for proof. 

It is always a good first step to cleanse your canvas before applying your makeup.
And washing your face will make you feel better even before you apply anything else!
Try Help Wanted, it smells wonderful and will help prevent breakouts. 
Remember to use regularly for best results! 
Before applying any color, prime your face for make up so that it will last longer and you won't have to worry about reapplying mid-day. I love Primed for Perfection! It only takes one pea-sized drop to cover my entire face and my make up lasts hours longer. 
Once your face is ready for action, apply a tinted moisturizer. It is not as hefty as foundation, so it will look more natural for the day time. Make sure to get a moisturizer with SPF 15! Try Get a Tint
For some trouble spots like red skin or under eye circles apply a concealer or foundation with a foundation brush to the areas. Speedway is a great product because it is both! and super quick to use!
Then use Matte-nificent to set your make up. Use a powder brush for soft coverage!
And always add Mascara to your eyes before leaving the house, it will instantly make them look bigger! 
Lash all You Want is great! And if you are the adventurous type you can even get it in colors!

Total Cost: $62
Days of use: 90 days - 120 days
Cost per day: less than 70-52 cents a day

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