May 20, 2012

Trust and Obey.

So, I don't often publicly speak about my faith. Or use my blog as a personal outlet. I like to think of my blog as a space to show people I don't get the chance to see very often what I am working on business wise or projects or thoughts to inspire my friends. But today I'm going to use my blog as a confessional. Well, kinda. It's not really that personal. It is more of me admitting my faults and hoping that you will think about it and help me. And maybe even try to instill this value into your own life!

My name is Katie, and I like to be in control. Of every situation. All the time. Maybe that is too strong of a way to say it. I wouldn't say I'm bossy. I find it hard to tell people what to do unless they are close enough to me I am willing to risk offending them in order to get them to be better. But anywho, what I am trying to say is that I like having everything planned and organized and visually appealing. I am very particular about things that I buy and I love having established timelines. However, those timelines don't always seem to work out the way I want it. I'm sure they would if I were the only person in the world and everything could be my way, but that's not life. I work under other people, my business progress is determined by the buyers, and my life is a collaboration with my boyfriend and family.

I honestly am so annoyed most of the time because I just want things to work my way and be done when I want them to be done and it is so irritating to me when nothing works out my way. When my studio doesn't get cleaned because I'm tired from working and running errands for others or when I feel like I'm waiting a century for someone to do something for me or when I don't sell as many bags as I was hoping or can't finish new products when I want them to be done... You get the point.

I have to constantly be reminded to stop worrying and to trust God to handle these situations. I have slowly become more trusting and I like to think I do not get as upset or stressed as I use to, but it is still a work in progress. Yesterday at a wedding, the groom's mom (the sweetest woman ever) told me how they did not know how their son was going to get married because it seemed like everything was working against it. Yet, with prayer everything worked out and adjusted itself to allow them to get married. I realized that I am pushing so hard to make things work when I want them to in my life, but what I really need to do is sit back, enjoy each day I am given, and committedly pray to God to guide me and show me where he wants me to go, allowing what happens in my life up to him and only listen for the calling.

This is my challenge and my new plan: Enjoy doing everything I do. Do not stress over what I cannot control. Show those in my life my love and happiness to share the day with them, alive thanks to the Lord. And allow God to control my timeline and show me the way with a kind heart, helpful hands, and endless amounts of ambition and creative talent.

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  1. it was great to hear you write this. I used to get upset if I didn't finish a project when I planned to finish it. I used to get upset if I didn't finish every task on my to do list for that day. I used to get upset if my project didn't turn out the way I wanted. Then I realized that by getting upset I wasn't enjoying the project and many times, I would rush through a project in order to finish it on time (it wouldn't turn out as well because of it). So I adopted a new philosophy. I would enjoy everything step of the project, no matter how long it would take. If I didn't finish every task on my to-do list, then so what. I would just roll it over to tomorrow's to-do list. So far, I'm a much happier person and worker. Hope your new philosophy works too :)