October 29, 2012

Take me back to Seattle.

Finally sharing with you some of the quick photos I snapped while I was in Seattle for a fabric show. 
I loved this city and I cannot wait to see it again someday! (Hopefully to sell my own things!) 
It was such an inspiring place. 
Laid back, Crafty, Supportive, Environmentally Friendly, and Healthy. 
This was the skyline from a small look out one of the locals directed us to. 
Well worth standing out in the cold morning.
They sold gorgeous flowers at the market. Only $5-10 a bouquet! 
If I lived there I would buy some every week with my groceries! 
They have some rough hills. I have never before had to climd 5 flights of stairs to get to the next street. Good thing they are fitness savvy!
Here this is illegal, but in Seattle, anything goes! I loved seeing all the posters on the telephone poles. 
We took a day to visit the markets. One being a vintage and craft fair, the other being mainly produce and cute shops outskirting the action. 
I loved this simple ad! 
We also got a chance to visit the Chihuly exhibit.
Obviously it was gorgeous. 
And then we travelled to Portland to visit fabric stores and designers. 
Here was one of our designer stops! Too cute!

It is very limited! So if you see anything you like, RUN to one of the stores and snatch it quick! 
Very few will be online. Unless they are sold before hand!

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