December 24, 2013

Wedding Day: Reception

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Today I am sharing our pretty decor and delicious dessert bar from our wedding reception!
My lovely friends, Justin and Laurie helped me get the reception set up. They did a phenomenal job!
Justin and I made this faux fireplace out of cardboard boxes. We borrowed the chairs from our friend, Char.
For seating we made hay bale sofas and used pallets as coffee tables.
Both borrowed from our uncle's farm. We dressed up the bales with inexpensive fabric and thrifted table clothes. Burlap-wrapped mason jars with mixed flowers and candles were placed on top of the pallets. 
We had a dessert reception, since our wedding was held in the evening at 7 pm.
Our aunts and friends made all of the delicious treats!

My boss at work made our airplane cookie favors as a wedding gift.
Super cute and tasty!
Another one of our friends made us an awesome cheesecake as our wedding cake!
It was a relaxing evening and all that we could have hoped for!
Pictures of my handmade reception dress coming soon!
Love, Katie