December 17, 2013

At Home: DIY Photo Canvas Gallery Wall

Good Day!
Are you enjoying the snow?!
I, myself, am not particularly a snow person. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely beautiful, but I could really do without having to drive in scary conditions. 
Luckily we were snowed in and didn't have to go anywhere during this past snow storm. 
So I convinced the hubster to help me finally hang our gallery wall.
We hung photo canvases on the long wall in our living room, being careful of the plaster walls, we made good use of Command hooks. And of course, I made them myself to save money!

Wrapped photo canvases are expensive!
I like to order my prints from a professional printer called Nations Photo Lab because they do a fantastic job at a great price. However, when I priced out the cost for my canvas project it would have cost me $597 + s&h. Way more than I wanted to spend on said project. 

Using InDesign I laid out my dream wall with help from the column tool.
Once I laid out my design, I began putting pictures in the shape to decide what size print I would need.
I ordered my prints from Nations Photo Lab where they offer linen prints. I love the linen look and thought it would give the perfect illusion to a photo printed on canvas without the price tag.
The prints cost me $70.05 + s&h for sizes ranging from 12x12 to 20x20.
 The prints look fantastic and I could not be happier with the linen paper!
I used rubber cement to adhere the prints onto the canvas. Rubber Cement is acid free and photo safe.
I purchased the canvases from Michael's when they were on sale for $25.71. 
The canvases don't need to be fancy, just the cheapest you can find!
Hubs helped me measure the perfect placement on the wall, making sure everything was straight and an equal two inches apart. Our gallery is 64" long by 38" tall. 
 I chose an aqua color to paint the edges of the canvas to add a fun pop of color.
The total cost for the project was $99.05.
Yep! Under $100! We save almost $500!
Are you ready to freshen up your space with a gallery wall too?!
Enjoy! :)

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