July 14, 2014

Project: Blue China Dress

I can't believe my best friend Liz is married!
She was a gorgeous bride and I cried a little bit when I first saw her in the gown she designed. 
And I was so happy she was able to use some lace that I used in my wedding for her dress.
For months we went thrift shopping to gather items for her home and her wedding.
It all felt a little out of control as the day became closer and she sent me pictures of her bathroom floor covered in thrifted candle sticks and glasses. She collected a crazy amount of blue china plates for their reception. It was actually quite impressive how many blue china plates are in thrift stores!

I knew I wanted to make a blue china plate inspired dress to wear to her wedding at an adorable bed and breakfast near by. I mentioned this project in my June Fabric Haul video, so it is finally time I reveal it to you!

I used Simplicity Pattern 1418 and this blue floral cotton sateen from Fabric Mart.
I went on quite the hunt for this floral fabric and finally found the perfect one after searching several local fabric shops and four rooms of fabric at Fabric Mart. 

So there it is!
I absolutely love this dress. I felt awfully classy!
I see it making some reappearances at a tea party or two in the future.

Congratulations, Jeff + Liz!
I wish you the happiest marriage and the best success in your life together!
And now that the wedding is over, I am totally stealing my best friend back for coffee, asap.


  1. I love this dress! So classy!and elegant!