March 20, 2011

Week Three Recap.

I'll just start with unfortunate happening and admit that I went over my $75 budget for the month (I gave up on keeping track on the specifics...) Gas Prices slayed it. Rough. =[ I wish I could tell you about all the exciting projects I did this week and post pictures of awesome stuff...but I got to spend my entire week working. (Yay.) But luckily that is not all! (Even though it felt like it.) I began two classes through the continuing eduation program at PCAD, Photo Arts and Business for Photographers. I am really excited about these classes! They are just what I needed to motivate me into new projects and I hope that having to do a photo shoot every week will provide me with plenty of cool things to blog about and a beastly portfolio! But on even better news the boyfriend was hooome =] ! <-- it was just that exciting. Outside of him spending the week in ultimate wisdom teeth awfulness. Buh. are some exciting pictures from my week.

I'm a Proud member of the JoAnn Saturday Night A-Team. We're real cool. Obviously.
I will officially be out of my teenage years this year... and this is my lunch. Don't Judge. 
And this is what I do while I eat my kid lunches. =]
 This is what happens to my finger when I work practically 2 weeks straight.
This is my life when I go to school. Luckily I live there less now. Last semester I could have probably been identified as the homeless person that lives in the atrium. Or perhaps just a PCAD student. 

This is what my notes at work become while rolling in on my 11th hour of work in one day. But seriously, who comes in and steals just the bolt? And would it concern you that this is not the first time this has happened?

Do we have a cart full of empty bolts? Yes we do. Does anyone steal those? Not at all. Do we find fabric in the store missing its bolt? All the time. Did you just comprehend that logic? I know I didn't. 

Have I lost my mind yet? 

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