March 30, 2011

Week Four Recap.

Let's go day by day for something new, shall we?
Monday: I attempted to be productive and did my laundry, pre-washed a bunch of fabric, finished a bag, and cut out patterns.
Tuesday: Joshua and I adventured to Salvy! I surprisingly found a lot of good poop! from tops to bottoms and even fabric. Win. Josh and I continued our date to Walmart, and then to DQ before he went back to school. ( =[ )
Wednesday: It was a lazy, rainy day. But I did get caught up on the shows I've been missing and managed to do some more laundry.
Thursday: I did a shoot with a close friend that I barely get to see anymore since she's going to school in Georgia. But she's going to be a fashion designer and she's awesome, so it's cool. I can't wait to edit them! But unfortunately I have to wait for class to do so... =[ buh.
Friday: I traveled along to a cow show to take some pictures of family showing cows, it was long and cold but I still had a good time. And then, Joshua came home again! =]
Saturday: I worked, all day. Seriously. All day. 6:30-12 pm & 1-9:30 pm.
Sunday: I went to church with Joshua and then helped him with a project for one of his art classes. He's sure glad to have me around to make socks. 

Oh and p.s.
This blog is on the move! Look for a new location in April! 

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