August 10, 2011

Organize: Fabric.

This was the first stage of organizing my fabric collection.
A hot mess indeed. So, I decided to organize them by fabric and put them into boxes 
to make the space look a lot less cluttered. 
However, I grew out of the box phase. I wanted to be able to see the fabric so I would not forget what I already had and how much I have in that case, 
to prevent me from adding to the collection while it is still plentiful in abundance. 
So what did I decide next? Well, to make my own fabric display of course!
Why did it take me so long to get to this point? 

What you will need: 
empty cardboard bolts from a fabric store...and that's it! 
(I used the bolts for 45" wide fabric and cut the bolts into 4 pieces to fit my bookshelf)
Cut your bolts to the preferred size and fold your fabric to the height of the mini-bolt, and roll.
It is really that easy. 

Now clean your hot mess up. 

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