October 10, 2011

Compact Combat.

Mark has several make up kits for this season 
which are great for people who like everything in the palm of their hand
or for those who want to be an awesome gift giver. 
Either or, there is plenty to chose from. 
The Showcase includes the neutral shadows and bold lipglosses you need this season in a cute clutch.

On the Dot includes a variety of pretty shades to make your eyes stand out.

The Super Flip kit includes face powder for quick touch ups.

The Touch & Glow Shimmer compact allows you to use the entire palette as blush,
 or use each shade alone as eye shadow.

The It Kit compact has everything. Lip gloss, eye shadow, and blush in great fall shades.

Shop here: http://klineaweaver.mymarkstore.com/

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