March 6, 2013

No Postage. No Problem.

Josh and I chose to email our save the dates rather than the traditional mailing of a small card. 
Frankly, we just didn't see the reason to spend money on save the dates. 
Especially not with the rising cost of stamps. 
I mean, who could possibly afford that additional penny they recently added?!

And who could really pass up another reason to pull out the design belt?
Well, not me! 
 We first sent just the save the date attached with a list of items we would like to borrow for our wedding day. Mainly just decorating tidbits. Nothing major.
We asked our guests to respond to that email with their mailing address so we could easily make our list, in an excel spreadsheet of course. It is after all Josh and I. 
We followed up our original email with this lovely reminder. 
It is quite lovely. 
Look at that stamp. Mhmm.

And this was all made possible with Mail Chimp. (Which is just about the coolest mass-emailing system I have ever used.) It is super easy and free depending on how many emails you must send. 
I originally decided to sign up for Mail Chimp to email my sales, promotions, new products, etc. to my wonderful handbag loving customers. (Which if you haven't signed up for yet, make sure you do! Check out the previous post to sign up) And then one day I had a brilliant idea to use it for our wedding as well! 
Genius, I tell ya. 

Therefore, grand total for save the dates: $0.00

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