May 8, 2013


Boy, have I been busy the last couple weeks! 
So here is a quick update: 
1. I bought the Rend Collective CD and it is quite good! I wrote a little about them here.
2. We made and sent out the Bridal Shower invitations. They looked like popsicles! 
3. I worked on making the favors for the Bridal Shower. One of my bridesmaids drew the flowers!
4. Our engagement pictures came! Make sure you take a look at them!
5. We made our wedding invitations that are adorable little passports. 
6. We registered at one of our favorite local stores. We found so many good things!
7.  I having a growing appreciation for caffeine. Plus it works as a great bartering token at my day job. 
8. We found this vintage record cabinet for only $5 at an estate sale. I am pretty excited about it!
9. We took a few strolls around the city. I stopped a few times to take notice to the small glimpses of beauty that can be found in an otherwise shabby town. 
10. The invitations were sent!
11. I found this awesome rug for a bargain at a thrift shop! And then I found some cute sandals to match.
12. We scored this awesome vintage dining room table in fantastic condition! 

Less than 60 days left!
We are increasing more excited each day! 
(but also a bit stressed..)

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