August 12, 2014

Announcing: Fellowship Coffee Co.

 Josh and I have started a little side business selling freshly roasted flavored coffee.
The flavors we are offering for spring are: Lavender, Coconut, Blueberry, and Rose. 
They are delicious and make wonderful iced coffee!
 We launched Fellowship Coffee Co. on August 10th and already sold out of our coconut coffee!
(You can preorder your jar from our next batch!)
The coffee is fresh and sweet with just a hint of flavor.
(It is so good I don't even have to add cream and sugar to my coffee)
We are offering two sizes, a 16oz jar which makes approximately 50 cups of coffee and a 8oz jar which makes about 30 cups. Whole beans are packaged in mason jars.
They make a perfect gift for a friend or a great treat for yourself!

A little about the company:
Fellowship Coffee Co. is founded by a husband and wife duo that loves to spend time chatting and dreaming over a good cup of coffee.

On a late honeymoon trip to Seattle + Long Beach, WA, the couple visited a lavender farm. They were introduced to the taste of edible flowers and herbs, they decided to blend those surprisingly delicious flavors with one of their favorite drink and pastime. 

A name involving "fellowship" was the only option, as coffee is always better when enjoyed with someone else. The brand revolves around the idea of fellowship and what that use to look like in the eras of 1950's and 1960's when coffee was enjoyed around the living room from cups and saucers. 

Fellowship Coffee focuses on freshly roasted coffee in flavors that are meant to be savored. Flavors that can be perfectly paired with dessert and good friends. 
Enjoy your coffee again.

Check out the shop here:


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