August 6, 2014

Life Lately.

As you have probably read in my last post I am making some changes on this blog and narrowing my focus. I have been taking my time lately thinking of what that will look like and preparing to make the blog a better asset to my fashion line. I would like to improve on the photography of my handmade wardrobe. I feel like I do not have a good place to take pictures of my outfits. We live on a farm, in an old farm house we rent, in a small town that has a very limited amount of buildings to photograph at. And as lovely as modeling with cows would be, I feel like it just won't fit the vibe I'm going for.

For the last couple of weeks I felt like I was in design school all over again.
I broke out the pattern making books and survival guides and got down to business studying them and challenging myself to sketch 2-3 ideas a day. 
I made myself comfortable on the couch, surrounded by open books, notepads, my laptop, and a glass of fresh meadow tea. And I think I can say I finally designed my first spring collection!

I am quickly learning that designing it is not the hard part, despite it feeling like a giant accomplishment in itself. The next few weeks I will be in my studio working on patterns and samples. After one partial failure (it's cute, but it's not perfect!) I have discovered getting the pattern just right and getting the fit correct is going to take a couple attempts and several cups of coffee and tea.

Ordering fabric for the line is another unexpected hurdle I am still trying to overcome. Why are the colors and fabrics I want no where to be found?! I am sure they will surface of course next year, when I am no longer looking... I ordered sample fabric twice. The first time I sent 3/4 of the fabric back as it was  incorrectly described online or the quality was not what I like. The second attempt was a bit more successful, but still not quite there. I had to jump on the bandwagon for a great sale that was happening for a very short time I didn't want to miss out on, and I order some fabric for the collection I didn't get to touch yet. Crossing my fingers and toes they work out!

I have some more news on the marriage home front to tell you tomorrow!
(Spoiler: It's not a baby.)
The suspense!

Hang in there with me!

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