October 4, 2013

Loving: Seattle Homes

While watching a marathon of House Hunters, I had to ask myself, what would my dream home really look like? Being from a small conservative town, everyone has almost the same house and when you go inside, they have the same decor too! 
If you have known me for any period of time, you know that I like to do things my own way!
This "normal" standard just kills me. 
Where is the creativity? Where is the fun? 
Who told you you have to have beige carpets and primitive decor!?
Is there a rule I missed about having a chicken-themed kitchen?! (end rant.)

So anyway. =]
When I was in Seattle I loved to look at the wonderful homes.
They just have so much class and an eye for art, yet are modest-sized homes.
Here are a few things I love about these homes: 
I love the look of this Wood siding! 
Huge Windows would be great! Of course you would have to live in an area that is not crowded and possibly a view so you have something to look at!
Imagine the natural light! 
I am crazy about the idea of adding a pop of Color to the exterior.
Maybe a royal blue rather than a yellow?
 Look at this Chartreuse Kitchen!
Fun colored room are a must! 
But sometimes a nice white room is nice! Especially when there is so much  Natural Light!
The idea of a Loft excites me! I think it would be a wonderful place for our office!
And of course I would need an adorable Sewing Studio!
I love this sewing table in the nook!

So basically, I want wood-grain, color, and windows!
Maybe an adorable loft and a balcony too.
Not too much to ask! =] 

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