April 14, 2014

Clover Market: Chestnut Hill

Hello there!
Remember me?
I finally resurfaced this past gorgeous weekend when I made an appearance at Clover Market.
It was 80 degrees and sunny!
A perfect day for a craft show...(despite the wind we received near the end.)
We debuted our Velvet Town Bags and Bow Town Bags at this show.
We also sold a little vintage, including clothing and housewares to round out our booth.

Our next show is just around the corner, so we will be back in hiding until then.
Stay updated with instagram to see what new products will be in Glenside on April 26th.

But first take a look around our Clover Market set up:

Can't make it to Glenside?
Don't worry! We have a few more shows this season.
New products will also be available in our online shop.
Visit us here: www.agirlnamedkatie.etsy.com

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