April 23, 2014

Project: Sugar Pop Top by Sew Caroline

Hi there!
Have you met my friend, Caroline?
She recently started a line of clothing patterns that are super fun and easy to make.
Perfect for beginners or those who just want to whip up a new outfit in a few short hours.

I answered the call to be a pattern tester for her latest and greatest pattern, The Sugar Pop Top.
This top was very simple to make with only a few pieces. There are two sleeve options, a cap or a flutter. There is also an adorable peter pan collar and a sweet little high-low hem.
I quickly made my top in the morning before Easter lunch with my family.

I cannot tell you enough how simple this top was to make!
But that could be because I have been working on hand-beading my Olivia Pope inspired dress that is nearly backless with triangles that button close and is fully lined in a way that you can not see the seam allowances at all. It's pretty awesome and just two buttons away from being complete. Hold onto your seat.
For my top I used a pumpkin-colored linen and rayon blend I purchased at Fabric Mart.
I managed to keep it unwrinkled until I sat in my car, baked some sweet potatoes, and met a puppy prior to taking these images...
What can ya do.
For this top I decided I wanted a lace collar. I looked through my stash to find a lace to cut with the peter pan collar but came across these beauties I purchased a while back because I just needed to have them and the project I would use them for would eventually come. It was a perfect match! It's like they were waiting for this moment to be used for this gorgeous top! 
I was even more stoked when the top fit well and there were no major alterations that needed to take place. The armholes are a bit snug for me personally, so I probably will redo the bottom of the arm for the sake of comfort. 
Because I opted to use the lace collars I had on hand, I made my own facing for the arms and neck. The pattern suggests to use bias tape. I am not very successful with bias tape...but it would be worth another shot...sometime...maybe.

I am happy with the way this top turned out and I am already planning a few more in my head as I type! There are so many possibilities for this pattern!

Make sure you follow Sew Caroline to see other examples of the Sugar Pop Top and to buy a pattern and start cranking out your own marvelous creations!
More from me soon! =]


  1. This is sooo adorable. Where can I get mine? ;)

  2. Adorable top! Love the colour of fabric you used!
    -Madeline www.madsyroo.blogspot.com

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jill! The lace collar is from Mary not Martha's etsy shop. Look it up! You'll love it!

  4. What a GORGEOUS version! I love the lace! Good job.