April 1, 2011

This marks the end of March.

So, I had a really great plan for March, and I was feeling pretty good about it! And then the month started and everything got confuddled like a salad in a wind storm. But to be fair, I did get pretty much done, even if it wasn't what I planned to accomplish. 

Short List of what I accomplished:
- Set up an Online Store.
- Spent less than I did in February.
- Got a second job.
- Did (4) Photo shoots. 
- Made a successful thrift trip to Salvy (aka Salvation Army) 
- Worked out two weeks. 
- Finished several bags. 
- Finished (2) dresses and (1) skirt. 
-Took more random pictures than I usually do. 

Now here's the list of things I planned on doing but
did not accomplish: 
- Spend only $75. 
- Post weekly projects on my blog. 
- Do any outfit posts. 
- Take pictures everywhere.
- Shoot in Film. 

But, hey! I did more than I thought!
Time for some excuses...well, kinda. I worked practically (2) weeks straight while training for my second job and I got a cold and gas prices were ridiculously high! and I ate chinese food and I was defenseless against the cute nursery print Joann just got in..and a few other things that were on sale. 

Oh and, I put together a little finance report for those who like seeing the facts. 

How much I spent: 
Donation: $25
Gas: $130.85 
(I told you it was ridiculous)
Projects: $19.96
Food: $10.26
Business: $22.05

Total: $207.91
Budget: $75
Over budget: $132.91

Pretty much I should have never left my house and I would have been good to go!
But frankly, that's not realistic. 

But here is something enlightening: 

How Much I earned/saved: 
Work #1: $443.00
Work #2: $95.91 
(didn't get 2nd pay check yet though...
But that is pretty much spent on auto repairs anyway)
Other: $35

Total: $573.91
Spent: $207.91
Saved: $366

Welp! That's March, I'll post some pictures from the following weeks soon!
Oh, and a plan for April! 
Hopefully with a more realistic budget, but it was worth a try, right?! 

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