June 24, 2011

9 Reasons why this trend is Awesome.

So, if you haven't noticed, oxfords have become a big trend lately. 
And I kinda have a crush on them due to their chicness and various persuasive prints. 
Seriously, cheetah oxfords just say party. 
And if you don't want to party there are grey and white oxfords. 
Perfect for work and everyday? I think so. 
Special event? Oh hey, how about those sequin oxfords?! 
Perhaps you just want to be modern and classic with black and white wingtips? 
Fashion forward? Absolutely. 
More of the casual type, how about plain leather oxfords? 
Feel like dressing up your oxfords or taking it to the next level (bad pun I apologize)? 
How about a heel?
Want shows that say, "hey, I learned geometry once"
Try these cutout oxfords on for size. 
But perhaps you should avoid puddles.  
Want to make a crazy statement with tribal oxfords? 
Well you should. 
Feeling more girly in your boy-styled shoes? 
Well how about these floral babies?! 
I hope this was a convincing argument of why you need a pair. 
I'm convinced. 

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