June 24, 2011

What I'm doing with my life.

So, let's chat about what I'm currently doing with my life, 
a year after I graduated high school. 

I am shooting the summer collection lookbook next week. 
I designed a fall collection I will be working on for the next couple months.
I am working on adding new handmade products to the online store. 
I am working on hosting trunk shows to show off my new collections. 
And, well, I blog. 

I also am a photographer known as Kaitlin Elise Photography. 
I am close to completing a certificate in digital photography by taking night classes at PCAD
I have decided to do fashion photography and am doing regular shoots 
which can be followed on my photography blog
And now I am starting to sell prints of my fashion work to be bought as fine art. 
Also, I am available for senior portraits and engagements!

And yes, I am still in love with Joshua (I mean seriously, why would I not be?!) 
Oh, and I still work at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. 

Other accomplishments:
I am teaching myself to cook. 
And I dyed my own hair and it didn't look like poop! 
I recently just finished a book that no one forced me to read. 
I picked up the hobby of thrifting 
(should I even mention how I just bought Express dress pants for $4?). 

Yep! There it is. 

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