June 30, 2011

Summer Lookbook!

Yes! The new a girl named katie. lookbook is finally here!
The new line has basically the cutest buttons ever, 
which is frankly just enough of a reason for you to buy one. 
But if you need more than one...
Select styles have metal clasp details that allow you to add an across the body strap,
which is especially perfect and necessary when spending the day doing one of my personal 
favorite hobbies... Shopping. 
How about that strap?!
Large totes will come with the option of buying a padded insert to easily transform the bag into a computer safe one! (Not yet available...)
Plus, select make up bags now have waterproof linings to prevent spilling make up 
all over your fancy print interior. 
And new fabrics were added to the line to make this season extra awesome!
Shop here! 
(There are currently only one of each bag available, order soon!) 

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