August 3, 2012

Sew Jealous.

See what I did there?
Yeah, ya did.
I have been a proud stalking of sewing rooms since Pinterest came into existence.
I have been working to get my own sewing space up to par 
while I await for my brother's room to clear out so I can actually have a room
since I have seemed to out grow my small corner.
Someday I will have a dream sewing room.....someday.
Maybe when I buy my dream Mediterranean home.

But anywho,
Fabric Mart wants to see everyone's sewing studio, room, or space.
Whatever you have, Fabric Mart wants to see it.
Some might even be featured on the blog as a studio tour!
And everyone's will be post on the Fabric Mart Facebook.

It's time for me to clean, I guess!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Katie, I'm actually distant family of Julie's and her Mom passed your website on. Its such a small world, this picture (and sewing space) is actually an acquaintance of mine here in Atlanta! So funny! Love your bags, keep up the good work.