September 30, 2012

A few of my favorite things.

I am always on the prowl for handmade or unique items. The thrill doesn't stop at the hunt. Having a story to go along with your proud purchases is one of the greatest feelings. Whether it is from another artist, state, or cute shop, I enjoy being able to say a little about where I found an that special item.
Here are a few of my current fascinations:
 This Mustaches and Creeps card needs to be part of my room decor.
This Cute Little Button belongs on one of my sweaters. Adorable.
This Pickle Print Towel I love for all the weirdest reasons.
 Is this Vintage 8mm Video Camera just not the most wonderful thing you've ever seen?
I am loving these Sparkling Juices by IZZE
They are mighty refreshing and way better for you than soda.
I am in love with these Voluspa Candles.
Best. Candles. Ever. 
I discovered these candles in Seattle. I would seriously fly back to Seattle just to buy more of these. 
I bought one of these Blue-Q Totes in Portland. I am quite fond of it. 
I am a fan of using recycled totes. I fill it with fabric, take it shopping with me. 
It's basically just the best. 

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