September 28, 2012

Home Accents that Make me Happy.

Oh the gorgeousness. 
It makes my heart smile. 
 I love pretty much everything about this room. The wood floor, the Brick wall, the bookcase, the art...
But can we even discuss this right now! I mean, what is better than a Chevron wall? 
A recycled wood ceiling with a Chandelier. I can't even speak of the beauty. 
And this is just the best idea ever. Plastic toys glued to blocks and painted for whimsical Bookends.
 I've been craving a Dream catcher since I spotted this gem. 
 I need Clipboards like this, just everywhere.
I just can't help but adore this knobby kneed Fashion Sketch. So simple. So wonderful.
Is this not just a magnificent Storage idea?!

Obviously, I have a bit of a thing for room decor. 

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