September 7, 2012

Guest Post: Knit Pencil Skirt.

I came across Merrick's blog and instantly fell in love with her sewing tutorials. 
I am always looking to whip up a cute piece or recreate a piece I already adore and her blog is perfect for quick ideas and easy instructions. 
Visit her blog here:
P.S. She's also a fabulous painter! (Gotta love her cow painting!)
I asked Merrick to share with you one of my favorite tutorials. I need to make one asap! 

  • pencil skirt that fits you 
  • 3/4 yard knit/jersey material (I got mine at JoAnn's) -- more or less depending on your size
  • 3/4 yard knit/jersey lining (optional)

Step 1. 
Lay your pencil skirt on your folded-in-half knit material with the stretch of the fabric going horizontally (as seen below). Cut around the skirt, adding a 1/2" seam allowance. As you cut around the hips, add an extra 1/2" to your seam allowance to account for your darts.  Since your fabric is folded in half, it will cut two of the same exact shape. If you want to line your skirt, cut 4, or cut two more out of your lining material.
Fold your waistband down to finish your cut.
Step 2. 
Now cut your waistband (making sure the stretch of the fabric runs horizontally again). Make it roughly 5 inches tall, and as wide as your pencil skirt waistband with an extra 1/2" seam allowance on either side (as seen below). Make sure you cut two (2) of these.
Step 3. 
On the back piece of your skirt, along the top, sew two darts about 4 inches long each . If you don't know how to sew darts, refer to this easy video tutorial.
 Step 4. 
Now that your darts are done, put your back lining and back skirt piece together (as seen below. . . .
. . . .and then (with right sides together) place your front skirt piece on top, and your front lining on top of that. The order should be back lining, back of skirt, front of skirt, and front lining (as seen below). Make sure your two pink fabric pieces have the right side of the fabric facing each other. 
Now sew along to the two sides with a 1/2" seam allowance to attach all four pieces. Cut off extra fabric and zigzag or serge the edges.

Step 5. 
Now for the waistband. With right sides together, sew up the short sides of your waistband with a 1/2" seam allowance. Cut off the extra seam allowance and serge or zigzag the raw edges.
 Then fold the waistband in half (as seen below). . . 
. . . . and then, with all the raw edges facing out, pin it to the top of the skirt (as seen below). Make sure you match up the side seams. Sew along the entire waistband with a 1/4" seam allowance, then cut off the extra fabric and zigzag or serge the raw edges. 
Press your waistband flat, and now it should look like this. . .
Step 6. 
Try on your skirt and pin the hemline to your desired length. Stitch around the bottom with a wide stitch (as to avoid bunching). Press flat and you're done! 
And of course, then add some fun painted embellishments if you'd like :) 

As always, comment or email with any questions. Happy sewing!

Thank you, Merrick! 
And I enjoyed being your guest as well!
Did you miss it? Check it out on Merrick's blog:

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  1. so so cute! I love how you transformed your inspiration into the real thing!