January 1, 2013

2012: Favorites.

A few of my favorite memories and accomplishments of 2012.
I finished a lighting for photographers class, which completed my certificate in photography. 
I designed a new collection of handbags that I absolutely love! (More like this will be made for next fall!)
I celebrated my 21st birthday with flowers from my fiance and cake from my loving friend. 
I discovered the Tomcat Cafe. Possibly the best thing I've done all year. 
We got engaged! 
I planned Joshua a Cookies and Milk themed birthday party for his 20th 
I dabbled with bright pink lips!
I had dinner dates with close friends. 
I began a bathroom redesign project- Kate Spade themed!
I sold a lot of mustache pillows!

And I found this awesome radio at an auction. Win!
 I visited Seattle, WA!
And I hung out with friends in NYC. 

All in all, a wonderful 2012!
Welcome, 2013. 

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