January 11, 2013

A quick note to teenage girls.

You could wish you were like anyone else and try to change yourself to be exactly like them, 
but the only person you will ever truly be happy being is you. 

I spent years of my life trying to become something else, trying to fit a specific style I thought was cool or do my hair like that celebrity in a magazine. 

But you know what?
That never got me anywhere other than having a haircut that wasn't right for me and a closet of clothing that I don't really love. 

Through this I finally learned something about fashion. 

You do not pick your style/genre/whatever. 
What you love IS your style. 
Your style is who you are! You are not the style. 

I tried to be so many different things and after trying so hard, I wasn't really any of those. 
I stopped buying things I thought were my style and started buying things because I absolutely love them. 
And that my friends, has determined my style.

I have been told that my style is "Indie."
And I'll accept that. 
But most importantly my style is me, not a genre of fashion. 

My style is Katie (soon to be Kline! =] )

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