January 16, 2013

Designer: Lilly Pulitzer

There is nothing better than a flamboyantly bright dress to make you feel like a pretty little lady. 
A Lilly Pulitzer store is like a dream closet. 

Lilly Pulitzer began by making her own dresses to wear at her juice stand. 
The ladies loved them so she began selling them there. 
After her schoolmate, Jackie-O, was spotted vacationing in one they were an instant hit! 

My favorite thing about this brand are the bright prints that are specially designed for the collection. 
How much fun is that!? A lot. 
Added bonus for having super adorable and awesome stores! 

Love  simple little dresses in bold colors and prints!
Isn't their inspiration wall gorgeous?
And can we even discuss how wonderful their office is?!
I would probably love working there just based on that desk space.

Visit their website! http://www.lillypulitzer.com/

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