January 3, 2013

Resolution, Solution.

And here it is.
My list of resolutions that I will try to accomplish while working 40 hr weeks, plan a wedding, and run a growing business where I make all the products by hand.
Obviously I am already doubting myself in my capabilities to complete such tasks I am about to propose, but I gotta try, right?!

As several attempts to work out and eat healthier have come and gone, I am still trying to pursue this goal. I need to get myself into a good schedule! And probably learning about what is actually healthy wouldn't be a bad start...

Therefore I will enlist the help of my brother's girlfriend and make time to grocery shop. I will try new recipes and make meals ahead of time. Because what I lack is time. Hence, why this has yet to work out for me...
I will go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier to workout in the morning. Even if it is just for 15 minutes!

In result, I hope to have more energy, since I have to work 8 hours and then come home and work at least 3 hours for myself. (There might be a very timely cup of coffee worked into the schedule!)

With more energy, I intend on being more productive. This means I will have to clean the ironing board off of my desk and stop checking my emails in bed like a loaf.

I will also need to plan my tasks ahead of time and create deadlines. A few months ago I took a productivity challenge and well....didn't do very well. Mainly because I was choosing 6 huge tasks that I could not accomplish in a few hours. Lesson learned. Choose less tasks or assign smaller tasks.

And most of all! 
I want to sew more for myself. Which I'm going to do by blogging about my projects and make blogging part of my business work time.

Sound good?

Sounds good. 

Here. We. Go. 

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