September 14, 2013

At Home: In the Bathroom.

Yes, probably a weird place to start introducing you to our little home. 
But so far it is the first one done due to its importance. 

Here is the process from beginning to end, minus the very beginning when it actually had a floor.
Note: We currently are renting from my in-laws and the entire family was working on the apartment like mad two weeks before our wedding so we could move in. Which was kinda fun, but also fairly stressful when you were looking at a bathroom with no toilet or sink when it was move in time! 

The bathroom got a fresh coat of paint. I was originally thinking a french blue for the room, but my mother-in-law found this navy on sale and we went with it. I was a little nervous at first because I did not want the bathroom to look smaller. We decided to leave the ceiling and the right wall white to add the idea of space and balance the white appliances. 
I now love the color of our bathroom. We look so hip and cool! 
The tub got a fresh coat of paint too! 
It looks 300x better than it did. Tub 'n Tile paint. It works!
And then we finally had a floor, a sink, AND A TOILET!
I pulled my shower curtain from home and we added a fresh graphic rug.
I love this rug! I want to buy an endless supply so I would never have to live without it. 
But that would just be crazy.
I found these silhouettes at a thrift shop! 
Perfect companions to our His and Hers hand towels!

Thanks for stopping by!
Come back soon to see more rooms! 

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