September 7, 2013

Dream Wedding: Handmade Invitations

One way to save money on your wedding: Make your own invitations!
Invitations can get pricey! A lot of places I looked cost $1.50-3.00 an invite for just a card and envelope. We decided to make passport invitations to go along with our travel theme, which of course would have cost twice as much!
The average cost to have our invitations made would have been $6.50 per invite. Multiply that by the 80 invitations we sent out = $600 including postage. 

Would you hate me if I told you we spent under $50?
That's right. You heard me. We saved over $550 on our invitations! 
How is it possible, you might ask?
 I designed the invitations myself, cover to cover and finished them off with a Passport Stamp I purchased on Etsy from a shop called Stamp Out for $27.60.
It was a very well made stamp. I loved that it was clear so you could really see where you were placing the image. And the stamp came rather quickly! We gathered our aunts, sisters, friends, and mothers to help us cut out the pages, stamp the covers, and label the envelopes. 
Josh help me tie them up with a little bit of yarn!

Our passport included a map, a wedding day to-do list, and of course the basic wedding information.

Paper cost: $11.00 for white and kraft paper cardstock and transparent paper to make 80 invitations (I found the paper in the clearance section at a craft store! They were in the middle of changing brands. Lucky me!)
Plus the stamp and envelopes, the total cost for creating the invitations was $42.60, which is 53 cents per invitation.
So Folks.
That is how you do it.

Want to save money on invitations?
Design and print them yourself.

Don't worry if you are not skillful enough to make them yourself.
You must have at least one creative relative or friend that could help you out!
They could make your invitations as a wedding present. It's a win, win!

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