September 5, 2013

Sewing Project: Linen Washi Dress

I am finally at a point in this crazy busy life to sit down and 
share with you what has been making me just so crazy! 

The wedding is over.
((Photos should be coming in another week or so! I cannot wait!))

The apartment is half-way finished. 

And I am about 13 work days away from working part-time at the fabric shop and part-time a girl named katie! ((I am superrr excited!))

So! Project time! 
I found this cute pattern on one of my favorite fabric shops websites, Drygoods Design
I discovered Drygoods Design when I was in Seattle for a fabric show. 
It was a dream location. They are located above a coffee shop! 
Ahhh, my two favorite things, fabric and mochas. 
But anyway! I absolutely loved their shop! They had such a unique way of displaying their fabric. Rather than boring shelves, they used large crates for their bolted fabrics and barrels for the rolls. They had cute decorations and even a cozy couch! (For those hard fabric decisions where you must sit down to think through them!)
I picked myself a few fabrics from the wall to make a quilt I have absolutely no time for (Maybe someday!) and signed myself up for their emails. 

And that's how I found this dress! 
 I specifically love how the pattern came with a little booklet for instructions. 
 And was real paper (!) which is much nicer than tissue paper. 
I am going to use a combination of two linens for this dress, a heathered gray and a french blue. 
I plan on using the blue as just an accent for the bottom hem.
This pattern allows you to make the dress with or without the key hole. (I think I will do it without first.) And you do not need a zipper! The back has some shirring (which I have never done but I am excited to try) to make the dress more fitted. And it has pockets. What more do you need?!

I cut the dress out and began sewing immediately. 
So far it is sewing quickly and should be done in no time! 
Happy sewing! 

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