September 27, 2013

Get Paid to Work Out.

"If I was paid a dollar for every time I walked up and down these stairs, I would carry the bolts down one at a time" I jokingly said to my coworker who understands my dislike for inventory being on the second floor. But by the time I reached the top of the steps, it hit me.


You know why I don't want to work out? 
Because I don't have time, I feel like I am terrible at it, I like instant gratification, and I feel like a loser working out alone...etc. etc. etc. 
What motivates me? 

Why do I go to work everyday? 
My point exactly. 

So I thought to myself...
If I would pay myself for each work out exercise, I would be more interested and motivated.
Like a point system, maybe 15 push ups is 5 cents, completing a circuit in a workout video 25 cents, a work out class would be one dollar. At the end of a work out session, I could possibly buy a mocha that would deplete all of my hard work, but that might just be the best mocha I ever had. 

I have heard of using a goal system, where if I work out everyday, I get to buy myself something small at the end of the week. Essentially the same concept, except better for those who like instant gratification, like me. 

So I could spend my workout money on mochas or I could save it up for something more expensive, like a pair of shoes or a new dress. 

Let's recap.
Work out. 
Pay yourself. 
Reward yourself. 

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