March 15, 2014

Weekly Update: Week One

Hey there!
In case you missed my last post, let me fill you in on where I have been all week!

a girl named katie is preparing for five spring craft shows!
And because I am super busy in the studio preparing for these shows, I have decided to just blog once a week until the show season slows down. 

So here is our first weekly update:

This week I finished a lot of bags and I am preparing to finish some more next week.
(They are so pretty, I just can't wait!)

I introduced two new bags and they are in the shop!

Don't forget, the 30% off sale is still going on!
Use the code: FB300 

The new bags are included in this sale. 
These are limited edition!
So grab your favorite before they are sold out!

See you next week!


  1. Hi Katie, kind of random question but do you have any bags that do not have a brown strap? They all seem to from the pictures. I love the town bags but literally own nothing brown so I'm worried they won't match my wardrobe as well as a bag with a black or grey strap would. Thanks!

    1. Hey Kimbre! All of my bags have brown straps. I felt brown was the best look for my brand as black or grey might weigh down or take away from the beautiful colors I choose for my handbags. Some of the brown straps are rather dark though, like dark chocolate which might better fit your wardrobe. Thanks!

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  3. Loving the bows and ruffles, they make me want to kick up my heels and dance!